Month: September 2014

Way to go, Mel!
Way to go, Mel!



20 DEADLIFTS (225/155  lb.)

40 WALL-BALLS (20/10 lb., 14/10 feet)



Run 800 m x 2 (rest time is time of first run)

Rest 2 minutes

Run 400 m x 2 (rest time is time of first run)

Rest 2 minutes

Run 200 m x 2 (rest time is time of first run)

Without sandbagging the first run, try to achieve the same time for both pieces.

During your run, remember the phrase "heels to butt," even when you're fatigued.
During your run, remember the phrase “heels to butt,” even when you’re fatigued.

Benchmark: RUN 5 km (last done May 23)

If you dislike this workout, we’d suggest it’s exactly the workout you need to get fitter.

It’s been brought to my attention that there’s some questionable competition going on for members in our local fitness community, so I’m taking the opportunity here to unequivocally state my position:

CrossFit 204 has never and will never approach members of another gym.

Never. Not ever. Not even if we’re down to our last dollar. I would shut the doors and file for bankruptcy before I ever solicit another gym’s clients.

CrossFit 204 has never and will never incentivize members to switch gyms nor reward them for doing so.

CrossFit 204’s staff members will never recruit members of other gyms. If they do, they will not be retained on our staff.

If these practices are going on elsewhere, it’s my personal opinion that they are shameful, dishonest and without character.

In truth, we care not at all what any other facility does or who they do it with. We don’t care if they have more or less members. We don’t care what their prices are. We are 100 percent focused on the members inside our facility, and we compete to retain their business by being the best coaches that we can be. We care only that our current clients are satisfied. Doing so represents the totality of our marketing plan.

We tell all prospective members that there are other gyms in the city, and that they should try them, too, before committing.

When current or prospective members have come to us with needs we can’t meet, we have referred them to other gyms that can help them achieve their fitness goals. We would rather see a person work out elsewhere than not work out at all. If a client of ours believes we aren’t meeting his or her needs, we will gladly introduce them to a gym that can help. We’ve had this courtesy returned by other gyms we hold in very high regard.

If a gym owner approaches you about switching gyms, ask why he or she isn’t in the gym helping current clients achieve their goals.

Competing for clients happens one way and one way only: by running a facility that stands out above others.

If there are any questions about this, I can be reached at, and I will be at the gym from 6-9 p.m. tonight.

Glenda: out standing in her field. Or perhaps outstanding.
Glenda: out standing in her field. And also outstanding.


Rest 4 minutes

EVERY MINUTE ON THE MINUTE FOR 6 MINUTES: 10 Kettlebell swings (70/55 lb.) + 10 BOX JUMPS (24/20 inches)


Part 1

3 sets of max strict HSPU or deficit HSPU

Rest 2 minutes between sets

Try to maintain the same number of reps in all sets.

Part 2

3 sets of paced shoulder taps

Instead of tapping quickly, find a steady pace the would be similar to the pace of a handstand walk. Strive to find balance and control as you move through the reps methodically.

Placing the chest toward the wall makes the movement easier, and you can scale up back facing away from the wall.

Part 3

5 rounds of 2 rope climbs–L-sit, legless, from seated, etc.

Rest 2 minutes between sets.

Choose the most challenging variation of rope climb and hit 5 doubles.

Damien of Dawn Patrol during the Stay Strong event.
Likes push-ups and Guns ‘N Roses.


400-M RUN





Part 1

Tall snatch 3-3-3

With the athlete standing tall with the bar at the hips, he or she shrugs under the bar with speed. There is no dip, and the torso does not incline forward at all. Loads should be very light. Speed and positioning are key. If you dip or incline your torso, reduce the weight so you can shrug under the bar.

Part 2

5 sets of 2 behind-the-neck snatch-grip push presses and 1 snatch balance

Select a load you know you can use for all three reps. No misses in this complex.

When lowering the bar to the shoulders, shrug up to cushion the bar with the traps. If this position is not comfortable, use the jerk blocks and drop the bar between reps. If mobility will not allow these positions, work instead for 5 sets of 2 overhead squats at a medium weight – focus on positioning.