Month: August 2017

CrossFit 204-GT snatch

CrossFit 204-GT snatch

Reminder: Slow down in the school zones on your way to the gym today!

You’re in the Jungle Baby

Part 1

As many rounds and reps possible in 20 minutes:

3 snatches (135/95lb.)


2 rounds of Super Cindy:

5 chest-to-bar pull-ups

10 ring dips

15 wallball shots (20/15-10/9ft.)

Rest 5 minutes

Part 2

Run 500m

40 pistols

30 burpees to a 6inch target

20 pistols

15 burpees to a 6inch target

Run 500m

Time cap: 13 minutes


crossfit-204-june-10-2017-murph-md-gtPart 1 – You have 10 minutes to do the following:

  1. Establish a max single arm OHS, on each arm
  2. Establish a max deficit strict handstand push-up

Part 2

4-4 minute stations, with partner. One minute transition between sets:

  1. 3 legless rope climbs + 20 Assault bike calories
  2. 50ft. Handstand walk + 20 abmat sit-ups
  3. Max stone to shoulder, AHAP
  4. 20 toes-to-bar + 20 burpees

One partner working at a time, divide the work up anyway.