Month: February 2018

Mono to mono!


15 minutes – Set the rower to calories. Every 20 calories, pull 10 strokes as hard as you can.


15 minutes –  5 rounds : 30 seconds easy, 90 seconds moderate, 60 seconds hard. Reset the monitor at the start of each round quickly. The goal is to keep each round consistent. Your paces should be noticeably different. Monitor the RPM



12ft. Handstand walk or 20 shoulder taps

8 pistols

4 strict muscle-ups/strict chin-ups/body rows

Louis Riel Day: All regular classes will be cancelled.

There will be a holiday workout at 11 am.  Please sign up here as you normally would. The workout is set for two hours, but you will not be working out for two hours.

We’re doing the signature workout Brett – wear your oldest, rattiest T-shirt in tribute!

Come on out and make some new friends!

Thick Thursday

The West Side is the Best side!


12 alternating dumbbell shoulder to overhead AHAP

1 Peg Board ascent or 1 L-sit rope climb or 12 biceps curls

12 stone to shoulder, alternating AHAP

Rest 1 minute


12 forward jug lunges

12 cossack jug lunges

12 reverse jug lunges

Rest 1 minute


100ft. Reverse sled drag, AHAP

100ft. Farmer carry, AHAP

12 strict toes-to-bar

Power points

Spend 8 minutes on Handstand walking

To lift is to love!

In ten minutes, build to a heavy overhead squat

E2mom for 5 sets:

Hang snatch high pull + hang snatch

Snatch high pull + snatch

E2mom for 5 sets:

Hang clean high pull + hang clean

Clean high pull + clean

Clean deadlift 2-2-2