Month: June 2018

Week 1

Overhead squat 5-5-3-2-1

Rest 3 minutes

AMRAP 15 for quality and load:

20 double kettlebell front rack walking lunges

20 double kettlebell swings to eye level

20 strict alternating single leg toes-to-bar

200ft. stone carry

Friday Night Fight!

Fight or Flight

For time:

20 bar muscle-ups

40 wallball shots (20/14lb.-10/9ft.)

20 hang power cleans (135/95lb.)

40 wallball shots (20/14lb.-10/9ft.)

20 ring muscle-ups

40 wallball shots (20/14lb.-10/9ft.)

20 hang power snatches (135/95lb.)

*Everytime you break a set in any movement – run 200m

*Finishing a movement is considered a break – run 200m


Thick Thursday

Power Hour

Emom for 5 sets:

Minute one: 3 bench presses, AHAP

Minute two: Max stone to shoulder

Minute three: 6 bulgarian split squats, AHAP

Rest 1 minute


50ft. reverse sled drag, AHAP

3 tire flips

100ft. Farmer carry, AHAP

6 alternating dumbbell STO, AHAP