CrossFit 204-MD dead[204] Strength Barbell Club is running through its next session starting January 7, 2017.  In this next iteration, we’re modifying the track to be running in for 8 weeks, every Saturday from 1:00PM to 3:00PM.

Our program is dedicated to enhancing an athlete’s strength and power.  This is achieved through specific and measureable exposure to the snatch, clean, and jerk with ancillary movements programmed to support these three lifts.

These classes are accessible to both novice and experienced lifters.  They are all encompassing; we will warm you up and ensure that you’re firing on all cylinders when the lifting begins.  Each week will have a dedicated skill session focusing on common areas that cause a missed lift.  The core of the workout will feature percentage based lifts in varying intensities, such as wave ladders, emoms or limited rest scenarios.

If you’re looking to improve on these lifts across the winter, this program is for you.  Email Coach Cody ( to register today!

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