3 for 204: Dumbbells

By Mike

We know dumbbells are coming in the Open, but we’ve been collecting them over the years, and the Open just gave us a chance to add a few more to the rack.

Dumbbells are great training tools. When starting a gym, barbells are a better investment, and they’re also better for many exercises. For example, you could use dumbbells to train for strength, but it’s impractical to get a set of 250-lb. dumbbells for our strongest athletes to use on deadlift day. Similarly, snatches and clean and jerks and squats are easier to do with barbells.

But that’s an important word: easier. The real world isn’t easy, and squatting, snatching or deadlifting a dumbbell requires adjustments–just like to have to adjust for the awkward object you want to put in your trunk. Dumbbells also force you to control two objects instead of one, making them much tougher to use.

Overall, using dumbbells from time to time will make you fitter, so expect to see them in workouts.


Mike Warkentin is the owner of CrossFit 204.

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