I once wrote a 30-second car commercial in less than 30 seconds. It was my greatest achievement in radio. So I thought I’d give myself three uncensored minutes a day to crank out something on fitness. No pics, no filters. Just thoughts. This is the first edition.

Today I’m thinking about all the people who don’t work out. We know we can improve the lives of these people. We know it with certainty, and we have data to back it up. Our members have provided that data over the last eight years.

So how do we help these people? We’re working on it. If you know someone who might be able to change his or her life with fitness, pass on the link below. It’s a free 15 minutes that could help create a huge change for the better.

No Sweat Intro: https://crossfit204.zenplanner.com/zenplanner/portal/scheduler.cfm


Mike Warkentin is the owner of CrossFit 204.

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