3 for 204: Precious

By Mike

I was digging through a storage cupboard at the gym yesterday and found the oldest set of rings we have.

They’re the old plastic kind, and they’ve ben out of service for close to five years now.

But there was a time when they lived in a shopping bag that I carried around with me everywhere. The rings were hung on swing sets in a rugged downtown park, on various tree branches, and often in the stairwell at the Assiniboine Athletic Club. I wanted people to be able to use the rings–which were a retro piece of equipment given new life by Greg Glassman’s program.

I recall swinging on the rings in my dad’s junior-high gymnasium back in the day, but I never thought about muscle-ups back then.

And then that’s all I thought about for the next nine years.


Mike Warkentin is the owner of CrossFit 204.

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