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Zombie jokes no longer acceptable.

I turned 40 this year, and I finally started planning to die.

The topic of life insurance hadn’t really crossed my mind before, but suddenly it seemed like a big-boy issue that needed to be addressed. So I talked to a series of financial advisers and did a lot of reading about how life insurance works. None of the details matter, except one: Life insurance is not for you but for your family. You don’t get to use the money. You’re dead.

Lots of people have life insurance; they want to care for their families after they meet their end. Lots of people have health insurance, too; they want to ensure they’re financially secure if something bad happens and health deteriorates. Travel insurance, car insurance, home insurance—they all work the same way: Money comes after something bad happens.

I recently had a cup of coffee with one of our long-term members, and he talked to me about his life plan, which involved making good decisions that would help him live as long as possible. This conversation wasn’t about planning for bad events but preserving good things—planning to live rather than to die. What an amazing idea.

We certainly can’t prevent all bad things from happening, but when it comes to health, we can prevent a lot. For example, just by achieving a healthy weight, you will significantly reduce your risk for Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke, some cancers, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, breathing problems—the list goes on and on.

If you’re reading this, you’re interested in fitness. You are or have been a member of our gym or you want to learn more about fitness through this newsletter. That means you’re already thinking about prevention: Exercise builds muscle, strengthens bones, improves blood work, reduces stress, eliminates fat and so on. These are all good things that will help keep you out of the doctor’s office and the hospital.

But exercise isn’t enough.

At our Sept. 14 nutrition seminar, I used this analogy: If you’re trapped in a room with two zombies and you kill one, do you still have a problem?

The answer is chasing you.

Health is like that. Exercise is an amazing thing, and since 2009 we’ve focused on learning how to use it to make you as healthy as possible. Now we’re focusing on combining that training with an improved diet—we’re going to kill both zombies.

If you work out and eat better, you’re going to save yourself from a lot of bad things, and you’re less likely to need life insurance before you’re very old. But you need to kill both zombies before you’re as safe as possible. Eat well without exercise or train well but eat poorly and you still have half your problems.

We’re committed to killing both zombies, and we’ve invested heavily in the nutrition side of our business. That includes both training and equipment. With that in place, we’re launching our most comprehensive nutrition challenge ever: The 204 Lifestyle Nutrition Reset runs Oct. 1-28.

We’re going to use an InBody scanner to collect your data at the beginning, then we’re going to help you improve your diet for four weeks. Then we’ll scan you at the end so you can see what happened. And after that, we’re going to keep talking about nutrition throughout the year so we can help you be as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

You should probably look into life insurance and plan to take care of your family when you pass on. But before you do, I’d encourage you to focus on improving and preserving your health.

Stay active, train hard, optimize your diet, kill zombies and do everything you can to live a long, healthy life.


crossfit-204-lifestyle-oct-2017-3In case you weren’t able to make it to our seminar last night, here are the details of our fall nutrition challenge, which runs Oct. 1-28.


Before-and-after InBody body-composition scans: Precise measurements of body fat and lean muscle will give you hard data on how your diet affects your body. We’re going to use this info to provide you with individualized target numbers: calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates. You’ll use a tracking app to ensure you hit your numbers.

Intro seminar: We’re going to kick things off together and set you on the right path, and we’ll provide resources and answer all questions.

crossfit-204-lifestyle-oct-2017-2204 Lifestyle Information package: The guide will outline exactly what we’re doing and why. It will also contain a meal builder that will allow you to create meals that help you hit your target numbers.

Access to private Facebook group: We’ll be posting all kinds of recipes and resource in this group. Your responsibility is to share one goal at the beginning of the week as well as one bright spot at the end of the week.

Accountability: We’re going to have a large number of people making significant changes to their diets, and this group will help you stay on track. If you’ve ever felt alone when trying to make a diet change, you’re going to feel the group’s love now.

Action plan on completion: As the challenge ends and we provide your “after” InBody scans, we’ll tell you how you can stay on track and live a healthy lifestyle that allows you to enjoy the foods you like.

Cost: $110.25


tester-igFitness First wraps Aug. 16—present completely punched cards to Crystal or Cody to receive your prize. If you’ve taped a card to the whiteboard, we’ll have a prize waiting for you!

And if you want to see what the prize is, check out @crossfit204 on Instagram.

The program is over, but that doesn’t mean you should stop your extra activities. For the last two weeks of summer—and beyond—remember to do something first, then relax. In fact, carry that over into fall and winter.

If you have any feedback about this program, we’d love to hear it. Thanks for participating!

WOD: Swim 750, bike 20 km, run 5 km. Great work, guys!

tester-igThanks to everyone who signed up for Fitness First!

If you missed out but still want in, talk to Crystal, and she can slip you in past the deadline.

If you have your card in hand, here are the details once again:

You need to work out 24 times–4 times per week–over the next six weeks to fill the card and earn the prize.

Workouts at the gym count–be sure to give your card to the coach and ask for a punch whenever you work out (maximum 4 punches per week).

But we know many of you are out and about enjoying the weather and sometimes can’t make it to the gym, so outside-the-gym workouts count, too. All you have to do to get credit for the workout is post a picture or video to Instagram, note what you did and tag @crossfit204. Then punch your card yourself if you’re away or bring it in and get a coach to do it. (Max 4 punches per week–but you can do more than 4 workouts!)

For example, Coach Dave did today’s workout in his basement and posted it to Instagram. Jeremie has also documented his on-the-road training with a kettlebell. Running and swimming cycling count! Dock workouts count! Moving a giant pile of wood for time counts! Count anything that shows you’re committed to staying fit over summer!

Remember to tag @CrossFit204 so we see the post! We’ll comment, like and share.

Need workout ideas? Click here.

After Aug. 12, hand in your completed card to receive a prize.

If you have any questions, talk to Crystal!


A dumbbell-snatch workout from the awesome wilds of Northwestern Ontario.

A dumbbell-snatch workout from the awesome wilds of Northwestern Ontario.Struggle to stay on track with fitness over summer?

Need a little accountability, even when you’re enjoying some time off?

Just want an earn-it-can’t-buy-it prize for completing 24 workouts in 6 weeks?

Introducing Fitness First! Work out first, then relax and enjoy the weather!

Details: Sign up and we’ll give you a personalized punch card to track your regular workouts. Give it to your coach to punch 3 or 4 times per week for six weeks (you can train more often, of course).

If you can’t make it to the gym four times, earn your fourth punch by doing an outside-the-gym workout and tagging us in a post on Instagram (@crossfit204). Be sure to tell us what you did–and remember we have Travel Workouts you can do anywhere with no equipment if you’re out of town. We can also help you create a training plan if you’re away.

Cost: $10.50 (GST inc.)

Dates: July 2 to Aug. 12 (6 weeks)

Accountability: Cody and Crystal will be nagging you and high-fiving you regularly.

Prize: Those who hand in a fully punched card (24 workouts) will receive exclusive booty.

Sign up before June 30 by clicking below!


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