Author: Crystal


crossfit204-feb-20-2017-bc-nyc-hs15 minute gymnastics skill session, athlete’s choice

5 sets for quality:

Max strict rope climbs

Max handstand walk for distance

Max strict toes-to-bar

2 turkish get-ups per side, AHAP

Score each movement. TGU is scored by load.


crossfit-204-june-10-2017-murph-ws-pullThe Rewind

3 rounds:

4 muscle-ups

8 pistols

16 wallball shots (20/14lb-10/9ft.)

32 double-unders


100 deadlifts (135/95lb.)


3 rounds:

4 muscle-ups

8 pistols

16 wallball shots(20/14lb.-10/9ft.)

32 double-unders

Time cap:22 minutes


crossfit-204-jan-1-ck-cleanHeave & Hurl

Power clean ladder. Each athlete will have 10 lifts, every 90 seconds. You will only attempt a missed lift one additional time. Athlete’s will select their own increases.

Rest 5 minutes

5 rounds:

12 burpees over the jug

18 zercher jug squats

Run 600m

Time cap: 30 minutes