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It’s all about fun this year!

We’re approaching 17.1, and with it the inaugural CrossFit 204 Intramural Open. This Friday, Feb. 24, marks the beginning of something new and very exciting for our community. Our team captains have collectively managed to register almost 70 people for the 2017 CrossFit Open. Never before have we had this level of participation in our gym. As an expression of our gratitude, we have planned the next 5 weeks to be filled with fun, smiles, high fives, adventure, debauchery, and some fitness.

To facilitate our massive crew, we’re cancelling the 6-p.m. and 7 p.m. classes on Fridays for the next 5 weeks and starting the Open heats as soon as possible after 6 p.m. Athletes will be instructed by their captains to arrive by 6 p.m. if they are planning to participate in the festivities and, of course, the workout. We will have heat sign-up sheets available at the gym, so if you have a preference get there early! Also be prepared to help out with judging. If you know how to squat, you can judge a squat, and we’ll appreciate your assistance scoring everyone.

Each week’s workout will also be the workout of the day, and you can perform it in class with a judge if you can’t make the evening sessions.

Every Friday night, there will be a post-workout party and games. Your Captain has already asked for your details, and we hope to see you there!

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CrossFit 204 Info

Can you believe the guy who took this great shot is the same guy who pours our concrete? Thanks to the multi-talented Grant Sr!Behold the Intramural Open!

We wanted to find a way to amp up the fun in the Open and encourage camaraderie and gym spirit, so we took the lead of our good friend Chris Cooper of CrossFit Catalyst. Cooper invented the intramural Open in 2014, and it’s spread all over the world as a way to create an awesome atmosphere in a gym.

In the past, we realized a lot of people took the Open too seriously and thought it was just for “competitors.” It’s not! The Open is just another workout, and we want to use it as a chance to celebrate all the awesome people in our gym and our unique culture.

So here are the details:

This is about fun, not competition. We’re doing the Open workouts in class, so if you’re training on Friday for the five weeks after Feb. 23, you’re going to do the workouts anyway – so sign up! The in-house competition has both fitness and fun scoring opportunities, so don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself a competitor. If you can smile, you can do it.

You need to sign up for the CrossFit Games Open here. It’s $US20, and you’ll get your money’s worth. Select CrossFit 204 as both your affiliate and your team when you sign up.

In house, we have four teams and four captains. They are as follows:

No Fear and Reebok Gear – Capt. Paul

Pirate’s Booty – Capt. Maegan

Fist Bumps and Box Jumps – Capt. Michelle

Dyckin’ Around – Capt. Shawn

On Monday, we had a draft in which team captains picked coaches, people who were already signed up and people we knew were going to sign up. To fill their rosters, captains need to recruit – and that’s where you come in. Be prepared for captains and team members to ask you to join their team, and join the crew that earns your presence.

When the open starts, on Feb. 23, we’ll run the workouts all day Friday, with a special time in the evening.


We’re going to announce the scoring system later, but we can tell you now it’s about fitness, participation and fun.

  • Points will be awarded for participation.
  • Points will be awarded for effort.
  • Points will be awarded for accomplishments.
  • Points will be awarded for performance.
  • Points will be awarded for spirit – costumes, cheers, themes, pieces of flare, etc.

We encourage you to participate! It’s a no-pressure fun five weeks in which we’re celebrating the 204 pirate ship and all the people who make it float. Join us!

Read more about the Intramural Open here.

Your doctor told you what to do. We can tell you how to do it.

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely just left your Winnipeg doctor’s office and you’re trying to figure out how to follow his or her instructions.

We can help.

We know your doctor just gave you some instructions intended to fix a problem or prevent one in the future. You probably heard something like this:

“You need to lose weight.”

“You need to become more active.”

“You need to eat better.”

Your doctor didn’t tell you how to do these things, and it’s not his or her job to do so. It’s also not your job. It’s ours.

We are experts, and we are the bridge between your doctor’s advice and improved health.

You might confused right now because diet and exercise can be overwhelming. You might even be scared. Perhaps the doctor told you the path you’re currently on will lead to disaster.

Whatever, you’re feeling right now, you should feel good about yourself: You’ve taken the first step just by doing some research online.

Here’s more good news: Your problems can be solved.

CrossFit 204-Lifestyle CKP
Crystal during a recent 204 Lifestyle free nutrition seminar.

We can help you lose weight.

We can help you improve your fitness.

We can help you eat better.

We’ve done this for hundreds of people of all ages since 2009 through personal training, group training and physiotherapy, as well as nutrition and lifestyle counseling.

We don’t offer quick-fix solutions, and we won’t promise 30 lb. in 30 days or something like that. What we offer is a precise combination of diet and exercise. If your doctor said you need to make changes, your boat is sinking—slowly or quickly. We’re going to help you put both oars in the water and make it to shore. Diet is the first oar, and exercise is the second. Together, they can be used to make incredible changes in your life.

But you have to use them. Oars don’t pull themselves. You have to do the work.

Here’s the best part: It isn’t an unreasonable amount of work, and it can be fun.

What if we told you we could make you measurably fitter in 3-5 hours a week over the next 3 months? The program will work even if you’ve never exercised before.

What if we told you we can help you adjust your diet to create a lifestyle change that will bring health and success for years? You can lose weight and improve body composition. You don’t have to avoid all the foods you love, and you don’t have to starve yourself. You just have to learn to fuel your body properly and at the right times.

CrossFit 204-Legends_group_biceps
What if you got healthier and happier at the same time?

What if we told you we can make it fun to improve your health?

We want to talk to you about this in person for free. One of our trainers will sit down with you, ask you about your goals and tell you how we can help. It will take about 15 minutes. No obligation, no pressure. We don’t sell. We just explain how we can help you can do what your doctor is telling you to do.

Click here to book a No-Sweat Intro or call Crystal at 204-880-1001 to set up a time.

We also want to help immediately. We know you’re here because you want to make a change. To receive a link to our free “Fast Five Nutrition Tips”, sign up for our newsletter below.

Remember: You can do exactly what your doctor told you to do, and you don’t have to do it alone.

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CrossFit 204 Info

CrossFit 204-204 strength group
204 Strength Barbell Club returns Jan. 7!

New Year’s Day: Start the year with fitness! Join a host of your smiling friends for a fun workout while most of the world is sleeping off a hangover.

The holiday workout is set for 11 a.m. (all regular classes will be cancelled). Please sign up here as you normally would. The workout is set for two hours, but you will not be working out for two hours.

Also of note: 204 Strength Barbell Club starts Jan. 7. Sessions are two hours and run from noon to 2 p.m. on Saturdays for 8 weeks. Cost is $84 for current members and $157.50 for those without current memberships.

CrossFit 204-Lifestyle CKP2Want to get fitter in 2016?

Looking to accomplish more in the gym?

Whether you are a prospective or existing CrossFit 204 client, our free No Sweat Intro program can help you.

In these free 15-minute sessions, one of our coaches will meet with you, find out what you want to accomplish and then explain how we can help you do it.

Click here to book a free No Sweat session.

For example, someone who’s never worked out before but wants to lose weight might be curious if he or she can start CrossFit with no fitness experience. The answer is a resounding “yes!” and our coaches will be happy to outline the best path. Some new clients, for instance, find success working one-on-one with a coach for personal training for a few months before joining group classes. Others want to talk about whether our CrossFit, 204 Conditioning or Legends program would be best.

Existing clients might benefit from a chat in which they review their goals and talk about how to accomplish them. For example, someone might be struggling with a certain movement, and perhaps a few personal training sessions will do the trick. Another person might want to talk about adding 204 Lifestyle nutrition planning. Someone else might be curious how 204 Conditioning classes complement our CrossFit training.

We’d love to chat with you, and we have slots open this week. Click the link above and sign up to talk with us!