crossfit-204-lifestyle-oct-2017-3In case you weren’t able to make it to our seminar last night, here are the details of our fall nutrition challenge, which runs Oct. 1-28.


Before-and-after InBody body-composition scans: Precise measurements of body fat and lean muscle will give you hard data on how your diet affects your body. We’re going to use this info to provide you with individualized target numbers: calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates. You’ll use a tracking app to ensure you hit your numbers.

Intro seminar: We’re going to kick things off together and set you on the right path, and we’ll provide resources and answer all questions.

crossfit-204-lifestyle-oct-2017-2204 Lifestyle Information package: The guide will outline exactly what we’re doing and why. It will also contain a meal builder that will allow you to create meals that help you hit your target numbers.

Access to private Facebook group: We’ll be posting all kinds of recipes and resource in this group. Your responsibility is to share one goal at the beginning of the week as well as one bright spot at the end of the week.

Accountability: We’re going to have a large number of people making significant changes to their diets, and this group will help you stay on track. If you’ve ever felt alone when trying to make a diet change, you’re going to feel the group’s love now.

Action plan on completion: As the challenge ends and we provide your “after” InBody scans, we’ll tell you how you can stay on track and live a healthy lifestyle that allows you to enjoy the foods you like.

Cost: $110.25

CrossFit 204-MC snatch

CrossFit 204-MC snatchPart 1

Renegade Amanda


Bar muscle-ups

Snatches (135/95lb.)

Time cap: 15 minutes

Rest 5 minutes

Part 2

Don’t Get Rowdy

3 rounds:

Run 400m

15 handstand push-ups

10 box over burpees (24/20inch.)

Time cap: 15 minutes