Thick Thursday!

Strongman Triple Threat


50ft. Zercher carry AHAP

8 stone to platform AHAP

16 reverse lunges

AMRAp 12:

50ft. Reverse sled drag AHAP

8 axel bar presses AHAP

16 renegade dumbbell push-ups



50ft. Double overhead waiter walk AHAP

8 bent-over rows AHAP

16 cossacks

Rest 1 minute between triplets

It’s a Whiteout at 204 today! Wear your whitest and brightest to support the Jets!

No Mercy

8 – 5 minute rounds:

Begin each round with a 600m run, then:

Round 1&3 – Max Power snatches (135/95lb.)

Round 2&4 – Max Double-unders

Round 5&7 – Max ground to-overhead (135/95lb.)

Round 6&8 – Max double-unders

Week 1

Seated barbell presses 10-10-10-10-10-10

Rest 2 minutes

3 dropsets: dumbbell push presses

Rest 60 seconds

*Target a minimum of 15 reps

EMOM x 4 sets:

Minute one: Max distance plate inch worm

Minute two: Max barbell roll-outs

Minute three: Hercules Hold

Minute four: Max banded triceps extensions