CrossFit Open Workout 18.3

#204Open theme: Ultra-Casual Friday—bathrobes, jammies and sleepwear. Points awarded for participation!

2 rounds of:
100 double-unders
20 overhead squats
100 double-unders
12 ring muscle-ups
100 double-unders
20 dumbbell snatches
100 double-unders
12 bar muscle-ups
Time cap: 14 minutes

Friday Night Schedule:

5 p.m. – Gym opens

5:25 p.m. – Workout briefing

5:40 – Warm-up starts

6-6:15 – Heats begin

Additional #204Open Scoring Opps: 

1 point for posting an 18.3 photo to Instagram with the #204open hashtag between Friday and Monday—you must use the hashtag so we can find the post and give you credit!

3 points for writing a Facebook or Google review of CrossFit 204 (only one review per person on each platform; thanks to those who posted to Facebook last week!).

3 points for posting a Bright Spot in the 204 Lifestyle nutrition group on Friday.

6 points for writing your story to share on our site. See this page for examples. Email to

10 points for helping a friend or family member book a No-Sweat Intro with us! They can do so here: No Sweat Intro.

It dumped snow earlier this week.
It was a lot of snow, and it was heavy. Really heavy. It wasn’t the kind you can just broom away or quickly push aside. This was wet snow with just the right amount of freezing rain to make it very dense.
It was annoying, and it slowed us all down as we tried to get out and about.
But it didn’t bother you that much, did it? You didn’t look outside and think, “I can’t move this snow. I’ll have to call someone. I can’t go anywhere until I get help.”
You probably just put on your boots, grabbed a shovel and started working.
I did that, and as my muscles started to burn and my breathing got heavy, I found it funny that shoveling felt a lot like doing a workout. You might have thought the exact same thing.
As I was shoveling the front of the gym, some of our 60-something Legends clients started to arrive. They waded through the snow with smiles. I congratulated them on making it to the gym on a day when many people around the city cancelled all appointments. One of the women simply said that if she can do our workouts, she can deal with a snowstorm.
That’s the reason our gym exists. We’re here to help people deal with life.
Many people didn’t feel like our members did on Monday as the snow came down. They felt trapped, they thought about calling for assistance, and they felt helpless. Some might have even felt a little afraid.
I bet you know someone like that—someone who struggles with physical tasks and maybe doesn’t enjoy life as much as he or she should. If a person can’t shovel snow, a heavy bag of groceries or walk to the mailbox can be intimidating, too. Physical challenges suddenly seem insurmountable. 
Here’s how you can help these people in your lives: Tell them about our Legends program, then help them make an appointment to talk to us. No workouts, nothing scary. Just a talk about health and fitness. You can come along and join them for the appointment. That might help a lot.
But please remind your friends and relatives that a snowstorm doesn’t have to be house arrest. We can help anyone at any age become healthier and more functional, and it doesn’t take that long to see changes. People only have to show up three times a week, and their fitness will improve dramatically. Change a few eating habits and things move even faster.
And suddenly someone who might have shut the blinds on a snowstorm is more than ready to pick up a shovel and clear the sidewalk. The feeling a person gets from thriving during challenging times creates a ripple effect throughout his or her life. Bags don’t seem so heavy, mailboxes don’t seem so far away and playing with grandkids doesn’t seem so tiring. Life is better.
So here’s your assignment: Think of someone in your life who could use a bit more strength and confidence, then tell him or her how you got so fit.

You might change a life.

If you’d like to book outside the times available, email or call Crystal at 204-880-1001.

Build to a heavy power snatch in 12 minutes


E2MOM for 10 sets:

5 strict hspu’s

3 touch and go power snatches

Athletes choose the snatch load. It can increase with each round.

Rest 1 minute

EMOM for 5 sets:

5 shoulder-to-overhead

30 double-unders

Des & Troy



Minute one: max assault bike calories

Minute two: max chest to-bar pull-ups

Minute three: max pistols

Rest 5



Minute one: max rower meters

Minute two: max bar muscle-ups

Minute three: max wallball shots (30/20lb-10/9ft.)