crossfit-204-17-2-ks-group-t2bPush Press 5-5-5-5-5

Build on last week. Try to maintain the same load across all sets.

On a 12 minute clock:

Max ring dips in 4 minutes

800m run

Max toes-to-bar in remaining time

The score is your total number of dips and toes-to-bar and block run time.


crossfit-204-gt-17-5-du-jl15 minute muscle-up skill session with coach

Double or nothing

As many rounds and reps as possible in 25 minutes:

2 strict muscle-ups

20 double-unders

6 kettlebell snatches, alternating (70/55lb.)

20 double-unders

18 box jumps (24/20inches.)

20 double-unders

The strict muscle-ups must start with the feet off the floor, and a full turn out.


crossfit-204-gt-17-5-thruster-jr3 – 3 minute rounds:

Run 200m + max thrusters in remaining time (45/33lb.)

Rest 30 seconds between rounds

3-3 minute rounds:

Run 400m + max kettlebell swings in remaining time (55/35lb.)

Rest 30 seconds between rounds

CrossFit 204_GL_jug

White Whale

CrossFit 204_GL_jug21-15-9

Power cleans (135/95lb.)

Ring dips

Run 400m

Rest 5 minutes

3 rounds:

100m double jug carry

5 rope climbs

15 single jug squats

20 pull-ups

The time cap for both workouts is 35 minutes, including the rest.