3 sets of pull-ups

Practice: kettlebell clean and press

21, 15 and 9 reps of:

Kettlebell swings

Box jumps

5 laps

Form notes: For the pull-ups, do 3 sets of max reps. If you are using assistance, do a minimum of 5 reps, and select the form of the assistance that will allow that. For others, consider weighted pull-ups, towel pull-ups, typewriters, commando pull-ups, etc.

For the clean and press, practice the form and avoid letting the kettlebell flip over your knuckles to crash on your wrist. Work on perfecting a smooth transition where the kettlebell moves around the hand rather than over it. On the press, lock your lat and keep you elbow tight.

Back squat 5-5-5-5

Sumo deadlift 2×8

3 sets of hollow rock (rest 60 seconds between sets)

2 sets (per side) of side plank

Form notes: For the squat, warm up as necessary and then do 4 sets at the same weight or increase the weight and work toward a final heavy set.

Low bar or high bar squats.

Set your core for the squat before unracking the weight.

For the deadlifts, pick a medium weight you can move comfortably as you perfect the form for the sumo deadlift.

For the core work, continue each movement as long as possible in each set.

These past two weeks have been all about relaxation, happy training and goal setting. I’ve had the wine, beer, ice cream and pizza, and it was delicious. Mike has really encouraged me to just do whatever I feel like on a day-to-day basis, because come August it’s time to ramp it up and get ready for 2012.

It took me about two days to recover physically from the Canada West Regional, and about a week to feel energetic and ready to hit a WOD again. My experience in Vancouver was incredible, and I left the competition feeling very inspired to spend the next year getting stronger and faster and ready to battle for 2012.

Despite the recent three-day competition, my body has still been responding well in training, and I continue to make gains. Something noteworthy was my 2-rep PR on my back-squat: 225 lb. I’ve always wanted to rep out 4 wheels on my back! I’m pretty sure I had a triple in the tank, but I always want to be safe in my lifts and it could have gone either way, so I stopped at 2.

Moving forward, I know I have weaknesses that I need to address. As always overhead strength continues to be a battle, but it also continues to improve. I’ll be hammering the Olympic lifting and gymnastics in the coming months, as well as mobility. I’ve set a new goal of being able to do the splits! That should keep me stretching.

Mike’s Note: While this is a period of slightly lower volume and intensity, we’ve also instituted Kelly Starrett’s no-days-off training plan: if you aren’t working out, you’re mobilizing or stretching or taking care of your body in some way. Right now, “releasing the supple leopard” is more important than crushing Fran–but we’ll get to that, too.

Incline bench press 5-5-5-5


4 rounds of:

Row 500 meters

20 push-ups

Form notes:

For the incline bench press, you can either increase the weight each set and finish with one heavy set of five, or you can use the same weight for all 4 sets. The goal is to use a challenging weight and not miss any reps.

Use a spotter if you need one.

Keep your shoulder blades retracted on the bench and push the bar up and down in a straight line.

Ont the row, try to make all intervals the same pace.