Back Squat: 5-5-5-5-5

Five sets of five reps. You can either choose one weight for all sets or increase the weight every set.

Form notes:

Choose either a high bar or low bar position.

Hips must fall below the knees at the bottom of the squat.

Use your core to keep you back rigid at all times.

Drive out of the bottom of the squat and try to accelerate the bar all the way through the movement.

Turning a Corner

By Mike

The Open Qualifier will be wrapping up next week with 11.6, and I am super excited to move on. I finished up 11.5 today with 253 points and some badly torn hands. This was not the plan. I’m not proud of tearing, and I wish I would have taken some precautions to prevent that. Washing hair all day definitely won’t help me heal any faster. However, that’s life, and on with the show!

I struggled with what to write about today. A big part of me wanted to blog about what a challenging month I have had and all the reasons why it was challenging. Instead, I’m going to tell you how amazing the month of May will be. First and foremost, I have completely finished school and all related hair competitions. I finished with 93 percent on my final exam, and I placed fourth out of 11 hairstylists in my first show. Not too shabby! Also I have settled in at my new salon three days a week, and I still marvel at the fact I get to play with hair every day as my job. Wow! Please come and visit me at Pure Essence Spa and Salon, it’s an Aveda Salon with a fabulous atmosphere and amazing products.

Mike and I are moving this weekend as well, so I am looking forward to a huge bathroom (the kind you experience in hotels), a closet for my impressive wardrobe ( I currently use a Rogue squat rack to hang my clothes on and a bookshelf for my underwear) and a deck to barbecue on. For the record, Mike thinks the squat rack closet is the coolest thing ever.

Perhaps the most exciting change for the month of May will be my schedule. I will be able to sleep and rest. I require a solid nine hours of sleep a night. Anyone who works long hours and shift work can relate. Not resting challenges you on so many levels, mentally, emotionally and physically. I am the first to admit I would make a terrible Navy SEAL. Sleep deprivation? Are you kidding me? I cry like a baby, stomp my feet, the whole deal. That goes for food as well. I must eat or else.

So the plan is basically to train like a professional athlete in May. I have a light work schedule and big goals. I’m looking forward to doing track workouts this month, running hills, hammering muscle-ups in WODS, lifting really heavy shit and doing it all with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. I’m in a good spot right now, and if I get to compete at the end of May in Vancouver, it will be with all the energy and fire I can bring. I will not look back and think I could have gone harder. I will be at my absolute best for every WOD no matter what. I am looking forward to competing with the best athletes in Western Canada and having some fun doing it!

And on that note I am going to blog my training for the month of May as well. It’s been sporadic in April and I apologize. I enjoy sharing my day to day accomplishments and frustrations with everyone.

Happy Easter!

Mike’s note: The Rogue R3 Westside rack is absolutely the coolest thing ever, whether you’re squatting big weight or hanging clothes. I don’t know what Crystal is complaining about.

Burgener Warm-Up

Deadlift: 5-5-3

For this workout, you are doing 2 sets of 5 reps and 1 set of 3 reps. You can either increase the load every set, working toward a very heavy set at the end, or you can use the same load for all 3 sets. Usually, athletes will increase the weight when moving from the 5-rep set to the 3-rep set, but if you are not used to deadlifting, you might want to keep the weight the same for all sets.

Form notes:

Do several warm-up sets before starting your “working sets.”

The weight doesn’t matter if your form is bad. Use the heaviest load with which you can maintain a tight core and neutral spine.

Do not let your back round!

Burgener Warm-Up (clean)

Football Season

10 rounds of:

1 sprint

1 agility ladder

1 length of broad jumps



(The goal for the pull-ups/push-ups is to maintain the same number of reps across all 10 rounds.)

Then: Total Abdomination