Bench or floor press: 1 rep

Reduce weight by about 30%:  2 sets of 8

3 rounds:

50 air squats

50 double-unders

On the floor presses, we want a clear pause at the bottom of the rep with the elbows touching the floor. Controlled descent, pause, explosive ascent. No bouncing off the elbows! If you don’t/can’t pause, the weight is too heavy and will be reduced. And your butt must stay on the ground at all times.


5 rounds of:

5 barbell biceps curls

10 bent-over rows

15 Romanian deadlifts

Rest as needed

3 max sets of ring rows

The goal for WTF is to pick a weight that will allow you to do all 30 reps of each round without putting the bar down. In almost all cases, the biceps curls will be the limiting factor, and your grip will be challenged. In the bent-over rows and Romanian deadlifts, focus on holding your back absolutely rigid.

The “W,” by the way, stands for “Weppler.”

Oly day: Snatch or clean

We’re going to build on last week’s Oly session by working on the snatch and clean.

Your coach will assign your sets, reps and loads based on what will give you the best tools to improve your form and numbers on the fastest lift in the world.

Remember: eliminating bad habits, improving form, and improving speed and technique with light loads will help you smash records when the bar is heavy. Pulling a medium load well is preferred to pulling a heavy load badly.

Finisher: Tabata Deuce