crossfit-204-open-171-sr-judgeTurkish get-up 3-3-3

100ft. of waiter walk after each set of 3. Alternate arms at 50ft.


Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes:

Even minute: Row 9/12/15 calories

Odd Minute: 10/15/20 wallball shots (20/14lb.-10/9ft.)


crossfit-204-open-171-sn-ckp-sq-horizFloor Press 5-5-3-3-3-10

The loads can increase on the triples provided there were no misses last week.


4 supersets:

12 seated dumbbell/kettlebell presses

12 triceps extensions

Rest 90 seconds

3 supersets:

12 barbell rollouts

12 v-ups

Rest 90 seconds

crossfit-204-open-171-2-introWeek 1 of the CrossFit 204 Intramural Open was a huge success! Congratulations to everyone that participated, and thanks to our Captains for making the evening such a success. We cannot wait to watch you all in week 2! Remember to wear your hats tomorrow night for points!
Below are points awarded for week 1. These points are both performance and spirit points.
Captain Jack’s Spirit points
Sydney –  Registering and doing a great job.

Zack – Wearing an eyepatch for the entirety of 17.1.

Kelly – Soldiering on despite a migraine.

Kylee – A longtime member competing in her first Open.

CKP – Representing CrossFit 204 in every single Open.

Tom – A founding member who spilled some blood but didn’t miss a beat.

Cheryl – Epic family cheering section.

Sage – Sibling trash talk.
Mason – Superior performance in 204 Pong.
Damon – From on-ramp to Open.
Chris H. – From on-ramp to Open.
Neil P. – From on-ramp to Open.
Largest team – Pirates!
Largest age spread – from youngest to oldest – Fist Bumps!
Best entrance! – Dyckin’ Around!
Best costumes – No Fear!
Week’s best intramural post with #204Open, and #intheopen – Fist Bumps!
Best team photo with above hashtags – Pirate’s Booty!
Performance points for top finishes in respective Categories
Mike Z.
Total points after week 1
Pirates – 7
No Fear – 6
Fist Bumps – 8
Dyckin’ Around – 6



Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:

2 rounds of: 50-ft. weighted walking lunge

16 toes-to-bars

8 power cleans

Then, 2 rounds of: 50-ft. weighted walking lunge

16 bar muscle-ups

8 power cleans

Etc., alternating between toes-to-bars and bar muscle-ups every 2 rounds.

M 50-lb. dumbbells F 35-lb. dumbbells