Thick Thursday!



3 legless rope climbs

6 heavy tire flips

9 dumbbell bench presses AHAP

12 dumbbell deadlifts AHAP

100m double jug carry


Power points!

3 rounds:

1 max set of empty bar strict presses

1 max set of empty bar pull-overs

1 max set of empty bar skull crushers

Rest 60

By Crystal

Hang power clean and jerk 10-8-6-4-2

Each set needs to be unbroken. You can rest as much as you need to between sets.

Heavy Karen

150 wallball shots (30/20lb.-10/9ft.)

Time cap: 8 minutes

Max Effort Monday!

Part 1

The Hare

10 rounds:

Run 30 seconds

Rest 30 seconds

Run 20 seconds

Rest 20 seconds

Run 10 seconds

Rest 10 seconds

Rest 1 full minute between rounds

Part 2

The Turtle

AMRAP 12, for quality:

10 l-sit toes-to-bar

20 elevator planks

200ft. suitcase/waiter walk AHAP

Kettlebell Express

4-2 minute rounds:

10 Kettlebell snatches (70/55lb.)

10 goblet squats (70/55lb.)

Max double-unders in remaining time

Rest 10 minutes


10 kettlebell hang clean and jerks (70/55lb.)

10 kettlebell thrusters (70/55lb.)

10 12ft. Shuttle sprints