3-rep-max front squat

2×8 high-bar back squats

6×1 narrow-stance deadlifts

Sled pushes: 3 laps

Form notes: Work up to a heavy set of three front squats, the adjust the weight as needed to perform 2 sets of 8 reps with the bar high on your traps.

Sit deep in the bottom of the squat with your chest up.

Use a “conventional” or “normal” narrow stance for the deadlifts, and choose a medium-heavy weight. These are not 6 max singles. These are 6 single reps at a challenging but manageable weight.

The sled push is not for speed. Push it slowly and deliberately. Add weight if needed. Push about 60 feet, then rest for about a minute.

I started this week with a nice triplet: 7 rounds of 1 set of stairs, 10 pull-ups and 10 kettlebell swings. My time was 16:01. I used a 45-lb. kettlebell and did all pull-ups and swings unbroken. I worked on gripping the bar a bit differently to avoid getting any tears on my hands. I finished with GHD sit-ups and oblique work.

Tuesday was pressing day, and I decided to train in the back yard. This meant any heavy presses were preceded by a clean. I knew this meant I wouldn’t be able to do a max-effort press because I am stronger when I take it off the rack. I worked up to 95 lb. and failed at 105 lb., which is my record. I followed this with 2 sets of max close-grip push-ups to isolate my triceps, and 2 sets of max tricep pull downs with the rubber band.

Tuesday evening I rowed 2K. My time was 7:54. I didn’t deserve anything better because I chose to eat a piece of Mike’s left-over pizza as my pre-game snack. Mike is entitled to a treat night, but I have elected to stay clean until after regionals. What I was thinking I do not know. I almost threw up, quit and everything in between on the row, but ultimately I toughed it out. I have 7:30 set as my goal for this distance, and sans pizza I know I can hit that. Next time!

Wednesday I rested and Thursday I ran 5K in the morning, followed by a second WOD in the evening. I did front squats with bands to start. I did 8 sets of 2 with 95 lb. and the purple bands, which make it about 175 lb. at the top of the squat. These are performed explosively and fast with minimal rest in between sets. After the squats I did a modified version of a 2008 CrossFit Games workout: 3 rounds of 5 deadlifts (185 lb.) and 10 burpees. It took me 2:02.

Friday I rested, and Saturday I did Randy. This was my first attempt at this Hero WOD, and I finished in 5:11. I did all the work in sets of 10 until the last 15 reps, which I did in 3 sets of 5. I should have done 10 and 5 and I would have been sub-5-minutes. I have no idea if this is a good time. I tried checking other affiliate sites for times and I couldn’t find anything.

Sunday was oly day! My WOD was 1 squat clean and jerk on the minute every minute with an increase of 5 lb. each time. I started at 100 lb. My last complete rep was 143 lb., after which I completed the clean at 148 lb., but I failed on the jerk. This was hard! The minutes definitely became quicker and quicker.

I finished with muscle-up practice and a WOD. It was 5 rounds of 10 chest-to-bar pull-ups and 3 ring dips. My body was pretty sore, so the pull-ups were tough. My time was 8:17.

I’m happy with how my training is going and I’m really looking forward to regionals. I really hope some more athletes register so we can have a fun, action-packed weekend. The last time I checked only 16 of the eligible 60 woman were signed up. Regardless, it will be a great chance to compete against the best!

Mike’s note: Blaming my pizza for a slow row is not cool.

Spend 10 minutes practicing double-unders


21-, 15- and 9-rep rounds of:

Deadlifts (225/185 lb.)

Handstand push-ups

Form notes: If 225/185 is not a reasonable weight, scale it down as needed. The goal is to use a weight that will tire you but not force you to use bad form. Keep your core tight and do not let your back round at any time.

If you don’t have handstand push-ups yet, substitute push-ups or medium-heavy shoulder presses with a barbell or dumbbells.