Muscle-up practice

Row 5 min. for max meters

5 min. for max total wall walks

5 manmakers for total time

For the manmakers, athletes will line up and go one or two at a time. The first athlete does Round 2 of the manmakers right after the last athlete does Round 1 – or minimum 2 minutes of rest b/w rounds with small groups.

Double-unders were originally in this workout. We switched that after all the doubles yesterday. Blame CrossFit Regina and the Blue Bombers. To the rowers instead!

After another Bombers loss, we owe CrossFit Regina 1,100 double-unders, so take a bit of time in warm-up to knock some out. We lost both bets, but we’re still in first place in the east!

Bar Amanda

Warm up to 1-3 reps of medium snatches


C2B pull-ups

Squat snatches (95/65 lb.) (or power snatches or power cleans and squats if flexibility is an issue)


As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

5 pull-ups

10 KB swings

15 squats

Hats off to all our American CrossFit friends and collegues, as well as fire, military and law-enforcement personnel, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

Inspired by our recent payment of 2,000 burpees to CrossFit Regina, JT and Mike S. are embarking on a burpee challenge that starts Monday, Sept. 12, and will go to Dec. 31.

Starting at 1 burpee on Sept. 12, Mike and JT pledge to do an increasing number of burpees each day until the New Year. Day 1 is 1, Day 2 is 2 and so on.

Do the math, and that’s 111 burpees on Dec. 31. The total number of burpees is 6,216. But don’t think about that too much.

Mike And JT have committed to this challenge, and they’re welcoming anyone and everyone to join them. You can buy in anytime this week by doing all the previous burpees. For example, if you start on Friday, your buy-in is 15 (1+2+3+4+5).

Days 25, 50, 75, 100 and 111 will be for time.

Be warned: penalties for missing days due to anything but injury or illness will be stern. You can make up the burpees from a missed day by adding them to the day after – plus 25 percent. So if you miss Day 10, you have to do 21 (10 + 11) burpees on Day 11, plus 25 percent = 27 burpees. It gets rough if you miss the big days near the end. Don’t miss the big days near the end.

Burpees can be spread out throughout the day and don’t need to be done all at once (except on the days that are timed). Burpees in CrossFit 204 workouts and warm-ups count to your total.

The standard is as follows: from a standing position, get your chest and hips to the floor. Your chest and hips MUST touch the floor. From there, get back to your feet, jump and clap overhead.

Chest doesn’t touch = no rep.

Hips up = no rep.

No clap = no rep.

No jump = no rep.

Closed hips (not standing all the way up) = no rep.

Other members will call out bad reps.

Sign up if you dare, and be sure to motivate JT, Mike and the other challengers all the way to the New Year.

We’re 10 days into our challenge, and I’m sure you’re all dealing with cravings.

The first week was probably not too bad, but after a couple of weekends without treats, I’m sure you’re starting to crave some crap. Perhaps you’ve even given in and eaten some crap. I know some people out there are definitely feeling guilty about something they ate or drank that was on the banned list on the Eat Less Crap whiteboard.

I myself want a glass of gin. Not two or three. Just one, full of ice, to be consumed on what might be the last sunny, warm afternoon of a long summer.

But I’m not going to have the drink, nor am I going to go down to the basement to dig Kathy’s cinnamon buns out of the freezer.

This month is about seeing what’s possible, and I’m going to see it through, even if it would be easier to have a cinnamon bun and tell everyone I’m sticking to my commitment.

In fact, I’m going to stick to my guns exactly because it is hard. And you should do the same.

You come to CrossFit 204 for various reasons that are personal, but regardless of your goals, you have chosen a gym where you work hard every time you come in the door. You have chosen hard work when you could just as easily sit on your couch or go to a regular gym where you can slack off whenever you feel like it.

You have chosen to sweat. Realize that because you work hard on your fitness – and every single person who steps into CrossFit 204 is working hard on fitness – you have the strength to push through a food challenge. Each one of you does amazing things in our gym every day, and the will power you show in there is more than enough to sustain you when the ice cream is calling.

You’re stronger than you think. You discovered that when we asked you to pull harder at the end of a 2K row. You discovered that when we asked you to pick up the bar in the middle of Fran. And you discovered that when you squatted a new record.

Discover how strong you are again by pushing through this challenge.

And if you are struggling, lean on your buddies. We’re all in the same boat, and this is a team workout. When you’re having a hard time, tell us about it and get some support. We’re here for you, and we’ll get you there.

And if you’re cruising through the challenge like a classic car on Sunday night, help your teammates out by encouraging them. That’s what teammates are for.

In the end, we’re all in this together, and together we’re unbeatable.