Shoulder press: 5-5-5

Max body-weight dips x 3 OR weighted dips: 3 x 8

Barbell shrugs 3 x 5

Row 500 meters x 2 (rest 3 minutes between sets)

Form notes: Keep your core tight at all times, and do not arch your back on the press.

Do body-weight dips unless you can get sets of 20. If you can already do sets of 20, use some weight and do 3 sets of 8 weighted dips.

You can use a snatch or clean grip for the barbell shrugs.

And congrats to Will for setting a few PRs at the Spring Fling in Regina last weekend!

(Photo: Sandra Benz)

Burgener Warm-Up

5 rounds of:

Run 5 laps

10 PVC  or empty-bar snatches (max 45 lb.)

Form notes: For the snatches, grab a piece of PVC or an empty bar and hit all the positions on the way to pulling the bar overhead. The goal here is not to do the reps quickly but rather to work on your form. Only pull the bar quickly if you are hitting the pockets. If you are missing positions, slow down. If you are still missing the positions, perform the snatches right from the pockets position.

3RM deadlift (sumo, conventional, snatch or clean grip)

Six Minutes

30 seconds of squats

30 seconds of dumbbell push press

3 burpees every 30 seconds

Form notes: After as many warm-ups sets as needed, work your way to a single heavy set of 3 reps. You do not have to set a new record–but you might!

You can use any deadlift technique you like. If you did a lower-body workout yesterday, consider doing snatch-grip or clean-grip deadlifts with lighter weight and perfect form. You can consider it a core workout rather than a leg workout. You can also use lighter weight for some dynamic pulling or speed work.

Do not increase the weight if cannot maintain a good back position.

Regular class schedule resumes tonight! See you there!

3 x 5 (or max) strict pull-ups


21-, 15- and 9-rep rounds of:

Kettlebell swings

Dumbbell renegade row

5 laps

Form notes: Use as little assistance as possible for the pull-ups, and make sure you get all 5 reps. If you don’t need assistance, max out on each set. Rest about 2 minutes between sets.

On the dumbbell renegade row, maintain a rigid body position and avoid twisting when you pull the dumbbell off the floor. Pretend you have a coffee cup on your low back, and don’t spill the coffee. Left arm plus right arm equals 1 rep.