Training for 2011!

By Mike

Winnipeg–Crystal has been training with CrossFit 204 since before we had a name!

After competing in triathlons and fitness/figure competitions, Crystal jumped into CrossFit in the summer of 2009. By March of 2010, she was entered into the Central Canada Sectional, where she finished 18th and narrowly missed moving on to the regional level. That experience gave her all the incentive she needed to train harder than ever, and in May of 2010 she had a great performance at the CrossFit Regina Spring Fling in Saskatchewan.

Like any CrossFit contest, those events revealed strengths and weaknesses, and Crystal’s been working hard to get stronger, faster and more powerful over the last months. She’s now got her sights set on the 2011 CrossFit Games qualifying events, which will happen sometime in spring.

We’ll use this space for Crystal to talk about her workouts at CrossFit 204, her training, her diet and her thoughts as she prepares for the challenges ahead. The updates will be a great read for people interested in competition, as well as anyone who’s interested in CrossFit for females and CrossFit culture in general.

Stay tuned!

Our friends over at CrossFit Winnipeg are hosting a competition just after you ring in the New Year.

The competition is open to all athletes, and it will be a great time to get out and meet other CrossFitters from the Prairies. Whether you’re just getting started in CrossFit or training for the 2011 CrossFit Games, this competition promises to be a fun day of fitness for all.

Most CrossFit competitions are for individuals or teams who compete in a series of events designed to test overall fitness. At the elite level, these competitions are challenging, difficult tests of fitness. At the local level, athletes are usually grouped in divisions according to ability, so very fit competitors can put the hammer down, while people who are still discovering their fitness can work at their own level and have a great time. Most of all, you will make friends and learn more about the CrossFit community. If you want to come out to watch and cheer, it’ll be a good chance to see what these competitions are all about.

If you’re curious about CrossFit events, watch some videos on the CrossFit Games website, or read this free article from the CrossFit Journal.

If you have more questions or would like to talk about training for this event, e-mail

For details or to register, please visit