Month: March 2011

There are mistakes in every workout.

Let’s just be honest about that. In the history of CrossFit, I doubt many workouts have been judged absolutely correctly. Even top the top judges are human, and guys such as Adrian Bozman and Chuck Carswell will tell you judging is hard work that requires a quick eye and instantaneous decisions. Good athletes move fast, and it’s hard to see exactly what they’re doing.

“Was he at full extension? Maybe for a tenth of a second. Did I see it? Am I sure? Really sure?”

As the CrossFit Open continues, Facebook and the Interweb are full of people complaining about good reps, bad reps, missed reps and no reps. Of course, we want every rep to be there, and we want every one to be perfect. That’s the ideal.

In reality, that doesn’t always happen—and I say it doesn’t really matter.

Don’t get me wrong: I think we should hold athletes to the highest standards possible. I think judges should be strict, fair and accurate. We should strive for virtuosity in both athletes and judges.

But we’re all human. If an athlete’s 263rd rep of 423 looks just a touch short maybe from this angle if I squint and tilt my head and watch it in slow motion on YouTube, I really don’t care.

Here’s the deal: the best athletes are going to make it to regionals, and the best athletes are going to make it to the Games. I couldn’t beat Chris Spealler even if I cheated on every rep in this week’s workout. He’s a better athlete, and a few sketchy reps aren’t going to make a difference. Not one bit.

Again: strive for perfection in workouts whether you’re competing or judging, but realize it isn’t possible. Accept a few mistakes and keep on trucking. Disallow the bad reps. Count the good ones. If a mistake happens either way, keep going. Work harder.

In any competition, it’s human nature to call people out and question standards and scoring and so on, but all the time spent complaining could be spent training. And in the end, there are mistakes in every workout. Maybe even in yours. That levels the playing field. And guess what happens on a level playing field? The best athletes win.

Every time.

Good luck in WOD 2!

Winnipeg-We finally got Crystal’s muscle-ups on video!

After a year of hard work on a challenging movement, Crystal can now get multiple muscle-ups in a workout without missing. Awesome work!

And Dale and Will decided to tangle with Fran today, with a rematch scheduled for a few months. In between their reps you can see Brett nail the form on a heavy overhead squat. Great job by all athletes!

It’s been a super turbulent week. Where do I begin?

A lot of really exciting things are happening right now, that’s for sure. I’m graduating from school on Monday, and I start my new career as a hairstylist at PureEssence Spa and Salon on Tuesday! I love hair, make-up and fashion, so this couldn’t make me happier. I also love where I work, and how many people can really say that?

Also the CrossFit Open started this week, and I’ve been waiting a year to do this again. All the hours spent training will pay off in the next six weeks. The first WOD was announced on Tuesday. As we all know, it was 10 minutes of 30 double-unders followed by 15 ground-to-overhead (power snatches for most of us). I was pumped, as most people were. Nothing too fancy, just get the work done!

Now at the beginning of the week I was battling a small head cold. That head cold turned into a massive sinus infection, accompanied by a chest cough. Awesome. CrossFit is extra hard when you can’t breath. I pretty much had a minor breakdown on Friday, the day I did the WOD. I went to school to get my tools ready for my final exam, and everyone said I looked like shit. My Mom called to see how I was feeling and she thought I sounded like shit. I went home and cried to Mike. I was breaking down mentally, beating myself up, totally wallowing in despair and self-pity.

“I almost never get sick. Why now?” I asked. Mike really came through for me both as my coach and my boyfriend. He let me cry and then asked me what I wanted to do. I could wait until Sunday or I could compete Friday night. He knows I love to compete and doing the WOD with Jenn Webber from Freak would push me to be better, no matter what. If I made the decision to go at it on Friday though, I had to get tough and get my mind right. And that’s what I chose to do. I won a triathlon with a sinus infection in the past, so I figured I could push through some skipping and light snatches.

I’m not always going to experience the perfect circumstance for a WOD, where I feel amazing, the weather is great, the WOD is all about my strengths, etc. People face adversity all the time. Robin Maier from CrossFit Regina is competing with a stress fracture and did one-legged double-unders! Kat from CFR has a broken foot and registered a massive score. Leya Moore, also from Regina, is sick and still rocked it! It’s CrossFit: we’re supposed to gut it out.

I did the WOD at Freak with Jenn, and we both posted awesome scores. Jenn managed 310, and I had 305. Judging these WODS is a challenge, especially double-unders. Errors happen all the time, even at the CrossFit Games. Fortunately, we had the WOD on video and we could be accountable for the result. I will be re-doing the WOD because of some missed reps, and I think I’m super lucky that I get another crack at it! I was prepared to hit the WOD again on Sunday, but a few more days of rest is exactly what I need.

I rested Saturday, and Sunday I was back at the garage training. I brought a roll of TP for my nose and some cough drops, and I went to town. I worked on overhead squats at 135 lb., pausing at the bottom in a deep squat. I also did light snatch balances and light jerk technique. I finished with muscle-up practice.

This week we’ll be getting ready to tackle WOD 1 again, and this time I’ll make sure every rep counts!