Month: October 2011

New 204 Dirty 30

30 push-ups

30 box jumps

30 toes-to-bars

30 overhead lunges (per leg, 45/25 plate)

30 pull-ups (C2B)

30 barbell thrusters (45/33)

30 KB swings (55/35)

30 burpees

30 rings or triceps dips

30 squats

For the pull-ups, substitute ring or body rows, and your chest must touch the rings or bar.

1RM back squat

Back-off set: reduce weight by 30-40 percent and do a high-rep set.

3x AMRAP hand-release push-ups (or variation)

3 x 10-12 reverse hypers, supermen, or hip or back extensions

Your coach will determine your heavy rep based on form. If your form is questionable, you’ll do a perfect rep rather than a heavy rep.