Month: December 2012

There will be one workout only today:

10 a.m. – Team workout

We will be kicking the New Year off in style. Set the tone for your entire year today.

Excuses–hangovers and otherwise–not accepted. If you sign in, you’re committed, and we will call your house.

Please sign is as you normally would, and email info@CrossFit204.com if you have any problems.

The holidays are approaching, s0 please note the hours below in effect for the season.

A workout will be on the board for the Dale’s Garage sessions on Dec. 24 and 31, but you may also come in to work on skills. There will be no official classes.

We will hold one workout only on New Year’s Day, and it will be utterly horrible. If you want to start your year off with a bang, sign in. If you sign in and no-show due to a hangover or any other reason, you are doing double Fran the next time you set foot in the gym. Make your commitment with caution: you are setting the tone for all of 2013.

Please sign in for all classes as you normally would. If you have any problems doing so, please email Info@CrossFit204.com.

We will also be doing a Christmas Cheer Board hamper again this year. Stay tuned for details.

CrossFit 204 Holiday Hours

Dec. 24

Dale’s Garage

11 a.m.

12 p.m.

1 p.m.

Dec. 25


Dec. 26


5 p.m.

6 p.m

7 p.m.

8 p.m. Skill Session

Dec. 31

Dale’s Garage

1 p.m.

2 p.m.

3 p.m.

Jan. 1

10 a.m.

Due to evening festivities, all regular sessions are cancelled in favour of 3 Dale’s Garage sessions scheduled for today:

1 p.m.

2 p.m.

3 p.m.

Coaches will be on hand, but there will be no scheduled warm-up or workout. Please come in a make up a workout you missed over the holidays or work on movements you’d like to improve on. If you don’t know what to do, just do some heavy squats!

Tomorrow: One workout only at 10 a.m.