Month: February 2014

The flexed-arm hang from the Classic in 2012. Still holding!
The flexed-arm hang from the Classic in 2012. Still holding!

Skills challenge

Max vertical leap (standing or with approach)

Max flexed-arm hang

Max standing broad jump

1 max set of unbroken double-unders (5 minutes to register 1 set)

Max handstand walk or max handstand or max side plank/other side plank

Please keep note your numbers on these tests. We will perform these tests again to give you a chance to track your improvements.

Family time.
Family time.

Snatch complex – 6 sets:

1 deadlift

1 hang snatch

1 snatch

Rest as needed


Boulders for Shoulders

Turkish get-up 3-3-3 per arm (18 reps total, not for time)

Kettlebell or dumbell waiters walk: 10 lengths (5 per arm, not for time)

Band pull-aparts: 3 sets

If you’re struggling to find the proper position in the pull-aparts, use a roller as in the video at the 2-minute mark.

Nice job, Micah!
Jump or step on or over for the burpee box jumps.

Teams of 3 – As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

1 column run

6 burpee box-overs (24 inches)

12 kettlebell front squats (55/35 lb.)


Snatch balance: work to a heavy single – no more than 1 miss at any weight. Your second miss ends the session. If you miss early on, reduce the weight and do 3 sets of 2 at a very manageable load.

Hang power cleans 3-3-3-3

Be patient and wait for the bar to get to your hips before finishing with aggression. Focus on great footwork and keeping the weight in the heels for as long as possible. Land in your squat stance. If you land wider, reduce the load.