Month: February 2014

A few of the many who ripped into the Brett workout on Feb. 18. Thanks to all who sweated!
A few of the many who ripped into the Brett workout on Feb. 18. Thanks to all who sweated!

Back squat 5-5-5

13.3 Reloaded (12-minute time cap)

Athletes with muscle-ups:

As many muscle-ups as possible in 6 minutes

90 double-unders or 180 singles

150 wall balls or max wall balls in time remaining

Athletes without muscle-ups:

150 or max wall-balls in 7 minutes

90 double-unders or 180 singles

Max chest-to-bar pull-ups, pull-ups or band-assisted pull-ups in time remaining

Glenda in 13.5!
Glenda in 13.5!

With the CrossFit Games Open upon us in just over a week, it’s time to go over the plan for the competition.

Key Details

You must register by Feb. 27. Select CrossFit 204 as your affiliate and team, unless #2 below applies to you.

We will be doing versions of the Open workouts in class whether you register or not, so you’ll get a chance to try out the workouts.

If you register but cannot move a load with great form during the Open, we will scale the workout for you so you can participate. The goal will be to get as many legitimate reps as possible before ending the scored portion of the workout and scaling things so you can have fun. Your coach will help you with that as events are announced. For example, if you don’t yet have pull-ups, we’ll get you on a band, but the reps will not be included in your score.

We will be doing the workouts Friday nights from 7 to 9 p.m. and Sunday between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. in Dale’s Garage. We realize that shift workers will need some accommodation at other times. If you are a shift worker and cannot make one of the scheduled slots, email and we will help you out. We will try to get groups of shift workers together as needed: we don’t expect all the 2-shift firefighters to hit the workout Sunday morning after an ugly night shift, for example.

When strength is failing, trust in the false grip.
First muscle-ups in the Open? Why not?

You will soon see Open Slots on the sign-in schedule, and registered competitors will be able to sign in for them. Only the 7-p.m. class on Friday and the 8-p.m. open-gym slot will be cancelled for the duration of the Open, and we apologize for any inconvenience. If you are not competing, you are more than welcome to watch and cheer. Athletes who are not competing can still use Dale’s Garage on Sunday, but priority on space and equipment will be given to Open competitors.

When the competition starts, make sure you complete all workouts and register your score before the deadline. If you miss the submission deadline, we cannot help you in any way. Submit your scores on time!

We encourage you to read the rulebook. It is long, but it is important. If you don’t, our staff will assist you – but pay particular attention to the requirements noted below.

Special Notes

1. All athletes should read this document outlining the Games drug-testing policy. CrossFit 204 firmly stands behind drug-free sport, and each registered athlete must agree to follow the CrossFit Games drug policy. Please take a look at all of your supplements as many over-the-counter products can actually contain banned substances. If you have any questions whatsoever about what you are taking, ask Tyson. As a Games competitor and former college athlete, he is your best reference on making sure you are not using banned substances by accident. You are responsible for what’s in your body, so please check your supplements carefully. Read the labels!

Thrusters in 2014?

2. This applies to almost no one, but if you do not spend the majority of your weekly training days at our gym, you can be part of our affiliate but not our registered team. This is a CrossFit Games rule for team competition. It does not in any way limit your contribution to our community, and we value your presence and participation. The only thing that changes is that your scores will not count toward the CrossFit 204 team score. You will still be ranked on the leaderboard, and we still love you.

3. Do-overs: In 2014, you must receive a coach’s permission to re-do an Open workout. This is for several reasons. There are filming requirements for some competitors this year, and setting up cameras and arranging registered judges can take some time. We don’t want you obsessing over a workout when you could be moving on and training. We don’t want you overdoing it with certain movements. We want you to learn to hit things once with everything you’ve got. We want you to find your best effort rather than try to hunt down someone’s score. If you are sick or have an ache, do not hit the workout until you are fresh. If you hit the workout, have no excuses after. For certain athletes on the verge of qualifying for Regionals, or in the event of extenuating circumstances such as camera/equipment failures, do-overs will be allowed at the coach’s discretion.

4. Judges: we will need a pool of registered judges to judge top athletes who may qualify for Regionals. The role of the judge is to ensure the integrity of the competition, and we will hold our athletes to the highest standards. The judging course is a great way to learn more about movement standards as an athlete or a judge, so we encourage you to take it. It’s cheap and takes about an hour of your time, and you can save your progress and come back to it if you need to. If you take the course, please notify and send us a copy of your certificate. If you’re willing, and if you have additional experience, we might use you to judge athletes who may advance to the Regional round. If you want to volunteer judging without taking the course, that’s fine, but you will not be assigned to potential Regional athletes. Either way, be prepared to take reps away from your friends. For the duration of that workout, you are a completely impartial judge of movement. If you are interested in judging, please send us an email and let us know.

The stern but fair Dale judges Linz in 2012.

5. If you decide or have to perform workouts at other gyms, you are responsible for submitting your scores and making sure they are validated by that affiliate. Some affiliates may not actually be able to validate scores if certain requirements are not met. Ask them ahead of time. We cannot help you in any way if you miss the submission deadline or are not judged properly.

6. Potential Regional competitors and Masters competitors: there are judging and filming requirements this year, and if you perform the workouts at CrossFit 204, our staff will make sure the requirements are met. You will have a registered judge, and we will film and save your workouts. If you perform the workouts somewhere else, you are also responsible for making sure you have a registered judge and that your workout is filmed properly. You must secure the footage after the workout and save it. We cannot help you do this, so plan ahead.

Good luck to everyone, and thank you for representing CrossFit 204!

The white Mickey Mouse T only comes out on special occasions–like Regionals.


21-15-9 reps of:


Kettlebell swings

In honour of the Smith family, please wear your oldest, most obscure T-shirt to today’s workout.

Smashed-face gremlin.