Month: May 2014

Leviathan will be coming out to play soon!
Leviathan will be coming out to play soon!

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

Run 200 m

3 rounds: of 5 pull-ups or ring rows, 10 push-ups, 15 squats


Part 1

Tall cleans 2-2-2-2-2

Knees and hips  stay open. There is no dip; you are only pulling under the barbell. The bar starts at the hips with the weight on the heels. Use aggressive extension at the ankles as you shrug yourself under barbell to squat. Stand and repeat. You are going down; the bar isn’t moving up very far.

Part 2

Pause clean 2-2-2-2-2

Pull from the ground with a perfect back angle to the middle of the kneecap and hold for full 2-second pause, then continue to finish clean. Make sure that when the bar is at the knees, the weight has shifted to the heels, the shins are vertical with the knees back, and the shoulders are in front of bar. The weight is not the focus here; perfect position will lead to higher loads.

Part 3

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:

Odd minutes, including Minute 0: 3 hang cleans (heavy but clean reps)

Even minutes: 5 deficit kipping handstand push-ups (no crashing on the head)

Use a deficit that is challenging but doable for all 5 sets.

Or you can make handstand push-ups harder ... .
Skill session: working handstand push-ups to a deficit.

3 rounds of:

10 hang power cleans (185/135 lb.)

10 bar muscle-ups or 20 ring rows

Time cap: 13 minutes


Part 1

10 sets of:

1 strict deficit handstand push-up + 3 kipping HSPU

Minimal rest between sets, but avoid crashing.

Build the deficit as you go to a depth that will allow 1 strict rep and 4 reps total before you come off the wall.


5 sets of:

Build to biggest range of motion you can use (AbMats, plates acceptable) and complete: 1 strict HSPU + 3 kipping HSPU

Minimal rest between sets, but avoid crashing.

Part 2

5 sets of:

2 eccentric handstand push-ups to a depth 4 inches below the final height in Part 1. Lower as slowly as possible, with no crashing in the bottom. Once the head kisses ground, come off wall and kick up for the second rep.

Rest 30-60 seconds between sets. If you can’t maintain control, reduce the deficit.

Part 3

3 rounds of:

30-second handstand hold (facing wall, with only the “nose and toes” on the wall)

15 burpees

If you can’t complete 30 seconds in the handstand, rest, then complete the interval.

Part 4

4 sets of 1-minute weighted plank

Rest 1 minute between sets.

If you sag in the position, reduce the load. The position must be a perfect plank: shoulders, hips, knees, ankles in perfect alignment.

CrossFIt 204-RB group BWAs many of you know, Riel passed away May 25 after a fight with acute myeloid leukemia. He was 34, and one of the members of our Dawn Patrol.

Here is a link to his obituary: Riel Bisson

On May 29, visitation will begin at 1:30 p.m., followed by a eulogy at 2:45 and a funeral mass at 3 at St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Church, Silver at Whytewold.

Instead of flowers, the family has requested donations in Riel’s name to the GD6 “Leukemia Care Ward” Patient Comfort Trust Fund, c/o Health Sciences Centre Foundation, 820 Sherbrook St., Winnipeg, Man., R3A 1R9.

Riel maintained a positive attitude and a sense of humour throughout his illness over the last year or so. A military man posted to 1 Canadian Air Division/Canadian NORAD Region Headquarters in Winnipeg, he was grateful he was able to battle for his life.

“You can tell everyone I am thankful to have the chance to fight back,” he wrote in one email.

We dedicated our Sept. 16 workout to him, and it was a challenging and fitting tribute. Our May 27 workout is also dedicated to him.

Riel’s plan was always to train when he could to keep his body as strong as possible, and he told me his doctor was pretty surprised when he asked if he could bring a yoga mat to the ward to do push-ups and sit-ups.

I can tell you the card our members signed for him was warmly received and brought him a good laugh.

Riel emailed when he got permission to train, and we scaled some workouts for him, just like we’d scale them for anyone else who was dealing with a physical issue. When he came in for the Remembrance Day workout in 2013, he laughed as he told me the story of his diagnosis. He had said it was “too funny” and could only be told in person. I was amazed at how he was able to find humour in it, and  I’m sure that attitude was a blessing during his months of treatment. In his emails, he constantly talked of high morale and displayed a fighting spirit, and he was looking forward to coming back to the gym full time upon recovery.

If I learned a lesson from Riel, it was to laugh in the face of adversity, maintain hope and soldier on.

It was a valuable lesson.

Congrats to everyone who tangled with 13.2!

Press 5-5-5-5-5


Make sure you log your numbers – we’ll be doing a 5×5 press again next week.


To spice it up, upcoming skill sessions will be provided by Tyson. Enjoy!

3-stop snatch pull + 1 high-hang snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

On the pull, the stops occur two inches from floor, at the knees and at the high hang. The high hang is where the final pull occurs: bar at the hips, slight knee bend and shoulders over the bar. The pauses are brief but deliberate. The bar will stop moving, but you do not need to hold the position for more than a second.

After your final pause at the high hang, you will explode and snatch. If you jump forward, you are not in the correct position, you are not balanced properly or you are not finishing – probably all three. Ask your coach for feedback.

The back should be set very tight in the start position and held that way throughout the lift.

The sole focus of this drill is positioning. Load is irrelevant.

Overhead squat 3-3-3-3

Taken from rack, use the triples to build confidence and volume in this position. No fails or breaks in form. Overloading and missing will not help your confidence overhead. Use moderate weight.

3 rounds of:

Row 300 m

10 overhead squats (135/95 lb. – or something that can be done unbroken)

Rest 2 minutes

The row is a full sprint, and the weight should be taken from floor. It should be a load the athlete can snatch confidently and squat for 10 unbroken reps.


Remembrance Day 2013 was one of Riel's last workouts with us. Today's workout is in his memory.
Remembrance Day 2013 was one of Riel’s last workouts with us. Today’s workout is in his memory.

Keeping It Riel

Three four-minute stations. Rest 1 minute between each station

1. Hydrant run

Max wall-balls (20/14 lb., 10/9 feet)

2. Hydrant run

Max double-unders

3. Hydrant run

Max toes-to-bars or leg raises

4. Hydrant run

Max deadlifts (225/155 or 135/95 lb.)