Month: July 2014

Today's skill work is designed to help you master this position.
Today’s skill work is designed to help you master this position.

Press 3-3-3

3 rounds of:

20 chest-to-bar pull-ups

30 shoulder presses (75/45 lb.)

50 air squats

Time cap: 15 minutes


Part 1

Handstand work – If you have been following these handstand progressions, choose 2 progressions this week. First, perform the sequence you did last week. If you’re very confident in it, perform the next progression up. For those of you who are starting to master progression 3, a fourth is inserted.

Progression 1 – 2 sets of 1-minute “nose and toes” handstand holds

No bowing, get hollow.

Work:rest – 1:1

Progression 2 – 2 sets of 24 shoulder taps

Done with the back to the wall this week.

Rest 30 seconds between sets.

Progression 3 – 4 sets of 15-second single-arm handstand holds (per arm).

Rest 30 seconds between sets.

Progression 4 – 6 sets of: Find balance in a handstand hold with chest to the wall. Try to hold the position while bringing the feet away from the wall. Once you find stability, take three steps with the hands to walk away from wall, then let the feet fall back to wall and reset. This is 1 set.

Set up so you have room to pirouette or roll out of the position without kicking anyone.

Avoid developing the bad habit of looking at the floor by craning the neck. Keep your head neutral and look up “through the eyebrows” only.

Part 2

3 rounds of:

Row 300 m

12 shoulders-to-overheads (135/95 lb.)