Month: September 2015

CrossFit 204-BBC high five
Cole’s high-five chain concludes each 204 Strength session so you can thank those who motivated you to lift better. Great work, guys!

4 rounds, 1 minute at each station:

1. Strict ring rows/pull-ups/muscle-ups

2. Strict presses

3. Dumbbell or kettlebell step-ups

4. Handstand push-ups/push-ups

Rest 1 minute

Core work – 3 rounds of:

20 weighted sit-ups

20 Russian twists

CrossFit 204-GL burpeeAs many reps as possible in 15 minutes of:

5 squat cleans (155/105 lb.)

5 lateral bar burpees

Skills Session


Gymnasty+ is 3 rounds, not for time, of:

3 legless rope climbs from seated

50-ft. handstand walk

20 pistols (alternating legs)


The bottom of a floor-press rep. The elbow is on the ground but the athlete is not resting--all muscles stay tense. Note the angle of the wrist: this is a strong position.Floor Press 5-5-5-5

In teams, 3 2-minute rounds of:

100-foot sled push, max wall balls in remaining time

Rest 2 minutes

3 2-minute rounds:

100-foot sled push, max burpees in remaining time

Skills Session

4 rounds, not for time, of:

3 legless rope climbs

8 GHD sit-ups

10 handstand push-ups

CrossFit 204-DB jerk
Congrats to Dave on a new addition to the family!

Monster Mash

5 rounds of:
5 burpee chest-to-bar pull-ups/ring muscle-ups
5 deadlifts (135/95 lb.)

Rest 5 minutes

3 rounds of:
10 hang power cleans (95/65 lb.)
10 box jump-overs
10 push-ups/handstand push-ups

Rest 5 minutes

21-15-9 reps of:
Plate burpees
Overhead plate lunges (45/25 lb.)
Double-unders (triple the number)

Skills Session

Spend 30 minutes stretching. Ask your coach for specific work to target problem areas.