Month: November 2015

CrossFit 204-Group MBC slider5 rounds of:

30 wall-ball shots (20/14 lb., 10/9 ft.)

5 squat snatches*

Rest 2 minutes between rounds

*Athletes will select their loads in consultation with coaches. The snatches can have some weight to them, but this is a conditioning workout, not a strength workout.

CrossFit 204-MC KC KB
Perfect pose from the sisters.

For time:

15 squat cleans (135/95 lb.)

30 toes-to-bars

30 box jumps

15 muscle-ups

30 shoulders-to-overheads (135/95 lb.)

30 double-unders

15 thrusters (135/95 lb.)

30 pull-ups

30 burpees

60 overhead lunges (45/25 lb.)

CrossFit 204-GT snatch
Extra points awarded for great lifting faces.

Whether you competed on not, please come out to our wrap-up event at 3 p.m. Nov. 28 at Original Joe’s!

Part 0 – Floating Event to be completed anytime before Sunday evening.

Partner 1,000-m row

The rower must be set to 1,000 m. Each athlete must row 500 m only. The monitor will count down from 1,000, and the first athlete may not start another stroke once the monitor reads 499 or less. The monitor will “drift” during transition, and that’s fine. The second athlete will transition onto the rower and finish. A coach must be present to verify the score. This event can happen anytime during a skill session or after a class as long as the coach approves. Score is the total time.

Part 1

In 8 minutes, establish a 2RM hang snatch

Athletes will use one bar and platform. A women’s bar can be used and will count as 35 lb. The snatch can be a power, split or full. Knee touches will not count. Body-weight equation will be used for scoring.

Rest 3 minutes

Part 2

5 rounds of:
8 ring dips (Rx+) or 2 wall walks (Rx)
12 hang power cleans (75  lb. Rx+, 55 lb. Rx)
16 sit-ups
20 overhead plate lunges (45/25 lb. Rx+, 25/15 lb. Rx)

Time cap: 12 minutes

The work can be divided any way. If you finish before the cap, you get more rest.

Rest 5 minutes

Part 3

In 12 minutes, each athlete will establish a 1RM floor press and perform max rounds and reps of Cindy (5 pull-ups, 10 hand release push-ups, 15 air squats) in the remaining time.

This is a 2-part scoring opportunity. Athletes must both register a floor press score and at least one round of Cindy. Teams can decide what their strategy will be: There is no time limit on either part as long as the minimum requirements are met. For Cindy, the work can be divided any way, as long as both athletes perform at least 1 rep.

Scoring will use the body-weight equation for the floor press and total rounds and reps for Cindy.

Two notes:

The floor press requires a visible 1-second pause at the bottom of the rep. Coaches will no-rep you for bouncing.

You must use dubloons to count rounds of Cindy.