Month: July 2016

No flooring, no paint, but we always had the original Jolly Roger.

All regular classes will be cancelled for the AugustĀ 1 holiday.

There will be a team workout at 11 a.m. Please sign up here as you normally would. The workout is set for two hours, but you will not be working out for two hours.

Come on out and make some new friends!

CrossFit 204-Legends-June 1Deadlift ladder

12 sets:

Every 90 seconds, 1 deadlift. The load can increase at each interval. If an athlete misses a lift, their ladder is complete.

Rest 5 minutes

50 wallballs shots (20/14lb.-10/9ft.)

25 wallball sit-ups

200m wallball sprint

Rest 5 minutes

Hydrant shuttle sprint

Run to hydrant 1 and back

Run to hydrant 2 and back

Run to hydrant 3 and back