Month: January 2018

Thick Thursday!


4 sets:

12 dumbbell bench presses

12 kettlebell bent-over rows

12 strict toes-to-bar with a 4 second eccentric

Rest 60 seconds


4 sets:

12 cossack thrusters, with alternating single arm presses

12 dumbbell bulgarian split squats

Max L-sit hold

Rest 60 seconds


4 sets:

50ft sled push AHAP

200ft stone carry AHAP

50ft reverse sled drag AHAP

20 dumbbell deadlifts AHAP

Rest 60 seconds


Power points


Barbell rollouts

Fantastic Voyage


6 sets:

1 minute moderate/fast

30 seconds easy

30 seconds fast!

*The focus is on maintaining the same RPM for the moderate/fast intervals.

Rest 2 minutes


2 strict muscle-ups

6 russian kettlebell swings AHAP

4 strict handstand push-ups

12 goblet squats AHAP

Rest 2 minutes


3 sets:

Row 2 minutes @1k PR pace

Rest 2 minutes

A woman reaches her chin to successfully complete a pull-up after years of hard work.

Here are the details of our upcoming clinics, with links to register. Contact Crystal@CrossFit204.com if you have questions!

204 Gymnastics Clinic

Sunday, Jan. 28, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Learn: Pull-ups, muscle-ups, toes-to-bars–and progressions to get you closer to your goals.

Cost: $15 +GST

Coaches: Grant Jr., Geoff


204 Pirate University

Friday, Feb. 9, 6-8 p.m.

Learn: Warm-up routines, strategies for gymnastics and lifting, pacing, mental prep, how to have fun.

Cost: $25 +GST

Coaches: Grant Jr., Geoff, Mason

Push Press 4-4-4-4

4 rounds:

Minute one: 8-10 dumbbell/kettlebell bent-over rows

Minute two: 8-10 skull crushers

Minute three: 8-10 seated dumbbell/kettlebell presses

Minute four: 8-10 dumbbell/kettlebell biceps curls

Power points

1) 2×20-30- Seated band pull apart (band around knees, feet wide, pull knees apart against band)

2) 2x 10- steps each direction monster walks (athletes are in a half squat not just standing, 10 steps forward, backward, right side step, left side step)

3) 3×12/side -banded cossacks (band around rig and hips, cossack towards rig so that while standing back up band is tightening)