Author: Mike Warkentin

Two fit, smiling women flex their biceps and laugh in front of a white background.

We’ve got a new personal training and nutrition program running, and you might see it advertised on Facebook. 

We wanted to share the details with you here as well!

We’ve put together a 6-week challenge that combines training sessions and nutrition to help people accomplish their goals.

Someone already asked if current members can do the challenge, and it’s a great question!

Here’s the answer: The challenge is designed for people who aren’t currently at the gym, but its elements are available to members, too! The new challenge combines nutrition and fitness, and current members can absolutely access those services!

Tell Us Your Goals!

If you’re currently training at the gym and are curious about this new challenge, you’d be best suited to book a goal-setting session with Cody. You can do that via the scheduler below.

In that session, we’ll check in on your goals and tell you exactly how you can accomplish them faster. In some cases, we might suggest adding nutrition services, increasing training frequency, adding a PT session every week—and so on. Whatever will move you closer to your goals! 

If you want to see what our new challenge looks like, you can check it out:

204 6-Week Challenge

This special package is designed to help people who don’t know us yet start working toward their goals with fitness and nutrition. 

Can My Friends Do the Challenge? YES!

The 6-week program is ideal for people who want to start working on fitness and nutrition with a coach one on one, and they don’t have to do CrossFit—although they certainly can. We’re going to tailor the training to the individual. For some, we might use bootcamp-style training, and for others, we might use more traditional weight training. Some people will do CrossFit/functional training.

We’ve found some people just find great success with a personal coach, so we set up a program to make it happen.

These people are absolutely welcome to jump into our group classes if they want when the challenge ends, but they don’t have to. 

If you know of anyone who might be interested in this challenge, please forward the link and tell them about your experience at our gym. We’d really appreciate it!

And if you’re already training with us, sit down with Cody soon! To book a free goal-setting session, use this calendar: