Author: Mike Warkentin

Programming Preview – January 20th – January 26th

This is week 9 of our lifting program. You will see more percentages this week, and some great drill work to fix specific faults and common errors. We will be looking at the deadlift in the coming weeks and as always, classic couplets and triplets to keep your engines running!

Monday – Oly + Strength

Tuesday- Conditioning

Wednesday- Strength + BodyBuilding

Thursday- Oly + Conditioning

Friday- FNF! 

Saturday- Oly + BodyBuilding

Sunday-  Send It Sunday! Partner WOD

January 20 – Monday

Part 1 – Oly

A) Hang clean high pull + hang clean 1-1-1-1-1

B) Snatch pull with 2 second pause just below the knee 2-2-2 @100%

Part 2 – Strength

5 sets:

Back squat – 1st rep (33×1), 2nd rep (3 second pause), 3rd rep at speed.