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The joists in my basement are the perfect height if you’re looking to break a hand during a workout. They’re not great for hitting CrossFit range of motion standards.

They’re 6 feet 10 inches above the floor, and they make overhead work impossible without significant modifications.

For example, sometimes I do barbell shoulder presses in a lunge. Or I do Sots presses in a squat. I’ve also done snatch balances, and I have to lower the bar from overhead before I stand all the way up. True overhead squats are out of the question. 

But on very busy days, a quick basement workout is better than no workout. So sometimes I have to cheat the range of motion (ROM). In the comical photo above, I’m recreating a scene from the movie “Old School” by cheating the leverage requirements for an iron cross.

You do what you have to do.