Important Updates

tester-igThanks to everyone who signed up for Fitness First!

If you missed out but still want in, talk to Crystal, and she can slip you in past the deadline.

If you have your card in hand, here are the details once again:

You need to work out 24 times–4 times per week–over the next six weeks to fill the card and earn the prize.

Workouts at the gym count–be sure to give your card to the coach and ask for a punch whenever you work out (maximum 4 punches per week).

But we know many of you are out and about enjoying the weather and sometimes can’t make it to the gym, so outside-the-gym workouts count, too. All you have to do to get credit for the workout is post a picture or video to Instagram, note what you did and tag @crossfit204. Then punch your card yourself if you’re away or bring it in and get a coach to do it. (Max 4 punches per week–but you can do more than 4 workouts!)

For example, Coach Dave did today’s workout in his basement and posted it to Instagram. Jeremie has also documented his on-the-road training with a kettlebell. Running and swimming cycling count! Dock workouts count! Moving a giant pile of wood for time counts! Count anything that shows you’re committed to staying fit over summer!

Remember to tag @CrossFit204 so we see the post! We’ll comment, like and share.

Need workout ideas? Click here.

After Aug. 12, hand in your completed card to receive a prize.

If you have any questions, talk to Crystal!


crossfit-204-june-10-2017-murph-bbq1We have recently made some changes to our class schedule based on member feedback and a thorough review of our attendance records. We are optimizing the summer schedule to make sure we have classes in the right spots and the best ratios of coaches to athletes.


  • 11-a.m. class Tuesday
  • 11-a.m. Thursday
  • 11-a.m. Friday


  • 8-p.m. classes and skill sessions on Tuesday and Thursday (8-p.m. classes and skill sessions still available Monday and Wednesday)
  • 7-p.m. class on Friday
  • Second hour of Dale’s Garage on Sunday (open gym is now 10:30-11:30 a.m.)

Please make sure you review the changes. They come into effect for the week of July 1. The complete class schedule can be reviewed here.

We will be reviewing our schedule and attendance on a seasonal basis to ensure that we are providing the best experience to our membership!

See you in the gym!

A dumbbell-snatch workout from the awesome wilds of Northwestern Ontario.Struggle to stay on track with fitness over summer?

Need a little accountability, even when you’re enjoying some time off?

Just want an earn-it-can’t-buy-it prize for completing 24 workouts in 6 weeks?

Introducing Fitness First! Work out first, then relax and enjoy the weather!

Details: Sign up and we’ll give you a personalized punch card to track your regular workouts. Give it to your coach to punch 3 or 4 times per week for six weeks (you can train more often, of course).

If you can’t make it to the gym four times, earn your fourth punch by doing an outside-the-gym workout and tagging us in a post on Instagram (@crossfit204). Be sure to tell us what you did–and remember we have Travel Workouts you can do anywhere with no equipment if you’re out of town. We can also help you create a training plan if you’re away.

Cost: $10.50 (GST inc.)

Dates: July 2 to Aug. 12 (6 weeks)

Accountability: Cody and Crystal will be nagging you and high-fiving you regularly.

Prize: Those who hand in a fully punched card (24 workouts) will receive exclusive booty.

Sign up before June 30 by clicking below!

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CrossFit 204 Info

During your run, remember the phrase "heels to butt," even when you're fatigued.We’re excited to announce CrossFit 204’s Run club!

April 30-June 4 – Sundays at 10:30 a.m. at CrossFit 204 (rain or shine!) with Coach Graeme Young
One workout to be done on your own at your convenience programmed by Graeme
Cost: $66.15


As most of you know, running is a cornerstone of our training whenever weather allows. There is nothing more functional than being able to move your body efficiently for a distance.

Most of us can grind through a running workout whether we have good technique or not, and some of us have an idea of how to pace ourselves, but most of us are just hoping to squeeze under that time cap. Many of us have never been taught how to run or how to get better at it. And while we have some athletes who enjoy running, we know many of you skip running workouts.

This is your chance to improve your fitness!


Starting April 30, longtime member Graeme Young will be leading us through running workouts designed to improve your 1-mile time. Graeme has specifically selected this distance for its applicability to CrossFit workouts. If you get faster over 1 mile, you can expect to improve your time on a host of workouts, including Helen, Nicole and Nancy.

The goals of the program: increase running economy, speed and enjoyment.

Many of you have noticed Graeme is unbelievably fast, but you might not know he’s an accomplished runner who finished 19th in the 2015 Manitoba Marathon. He also has experience coaching runners at an amateur level. We’re thrilled he’ll share his time and knowledge with us.

To register, click the button above!