Important Updates

CrossFit-204-Jr-snatchThe next block of 204 Strength training starts Feb. 2, and spaces are still available. Email info@crossfit204.com to join, or talk to Crystal when you’re in the gym.

If you’re ready to roll, here’s a broad overview of how this block will go, followed by some homework.

Week 1

Reprogramming – After two eight-week blocks, we’ve seen the same errors in many lifters, so we’ll be lifting light and fast in the first week. This session builds on the two previous blocks, but joining here for the first time is more than fine because we’ll be working on fundamentals with all lifters. The emphasis will be on footwork, balance, the power position and speed. We are all too slow, and we’re going to work hard on that. And know this: no one gets faster at max loads. You can expect to see lots of work at 60 percent of 1RM. That’s where you learn to be fast.

Week 2-4

Progressive loading with an emphasis on the jerk. Every Thursday, we will be hitting heavy jerks out of the rack to build a surplus of strength and confidence.

Week 5

Heavy singles – We’ll work to some heavy loads here, and we’ll see what goes right and wrong.

Weeks 6-8

We’ll correct all the errors we saw in Week 5 and give you drills and homework to help you improve in the last weeks and beyond.

CrossFit 204-KL snatch startHomework

1. Spend a bunch of time reading the articles and watching the videos in the Olympic Lifts category of the CrossFit Journal. Listen to Mike Burgener, Bill Starr and others. Absorb everything you can. Know that any and all typos are there on purpose to test your attention to detail.

2. Read this article: The Power Position – We will be emphasizing this position, as most of us miss it by scooping early. Burn the power position into your memory. Cook bacon in the power position. Chop vegetables in the power position. Fill up your coffee cup in the power position. Love and embrace the power position. It is the position from which all good things come in a vicious flurry of rage.

3. Watch this video: Finding the Power Position – The name is misleading, and we’re more focused on the bottom of the lift. Watch all the adjustments Klokov makes to the athlete’s positioning as the bar moves from the floor to the knees. See how the lifter does not pull her knees back and is not balanced properly? See how it angers Klokov? We will be pushing your knees back and fixing your balance so we don’t anger Klokov. Expect to be pushed around.

4. Read this article: Cueing the Power Position – You must feel the need … the need for speed. Realize that “precise” does not mean “slow.” We will be working on ideal positioning, and then we will be moving as fast as we possibly can. You have sat on something very sharp and must rise instantly. That’s how fast you must move when lifting. Maybe even faster.

CrossFit 204-GT snatch5. Read this article: Exploring the Key Positions in Weightlifting – Because you are not an army of clones, there will be variations in your positioning. This article does a nice job of detailing some of them. But remember, you may not be an army of clones, but all of you will move quickly, and certain points of form are not negotiable. Every lifter must set his or her back in rigid position, for example.

6. Watch at least 50 and closer to 100 Hookgrip videos here or on Instagram. Look for lifters who are around your height or who have similar proportions. How do they move? Which lifters are faster than others? Which lifters are stronger than others? What form errors do you see? What variations? How many of these lifters hit the power position? (Free answer: almost all without exception.) How many of these lifters jump forward? (Free answer: almost none without exception.) What does full extension look like? What do you notice in slow motion? Who is your favorite lifter and why? What information can you use to add pounds to your lifts?