Winnipeg-We finally got Crystal’s muscle-ups on video!

After a year of hard work on a challenging movement, Crystal can now get multiple muscle-ups in a workout without missing. Awesome work!

And Dale and Will decided to tangle with Fran today, with a rematch scheduled for a few months. In between their reps you can see Brett nail the form on a heavy overhead squat. Great job by all athletes!

Winnipeg-We’re working on fixing the form on a bunch of Oly movements today, including the jerk, overhead squat and snatch balance.

Things are getting better each week, and we’re slowly cleaning things up to make way for big weight in the future.

Winnipeg-Dale crushes Cindy while Mike and Will work on the snatch and clean and jerk.

Will’s got great speed and is improving big time! He’s going to nail the landing position next week.

Mike needs to keep the bar closer to his body and get more aggressive on lockout.

Winnipeg-Working on Oly technique at CrossFit 204 in Dale’s Garage.

Brett is dialing in the technique on the power clean, and he’s strong enough that he can basically curl the weight up–even at 155. We’ll keep drilling and then unleash him on some heavy weight soon! Big numbers to come!

Mike is working on heavy overhead squats and overloading the snatch high pulls.

Crystal is working hard on keeping the weight back and generating a ton of speed through the middle.

Great work!

Winnipeg-Here are three videos from today’s garage workout – including two first muscle-ups! Congratulations to Will and Ryan.

And we did a lot of Oly work learning the form on the snatch and clean and jerk.

Finally, we tussled with Vader.