Here are some highlights from the Christmas Day workout.

In the first one, I’m working up to a heavy snatch after taking about three months off of snatching because I didn’t have a good place to do it (thanks, Dale!). In the freeze frames, you’ll see how some small form errors are causing me to miss weight out front. I’ll be working to fix that in hopes of nailing a 100-kg snatch in 2011.

In this video, Dale is working on overhead squats, and Crystal is working up to a heavy single after a long OHS lay-off. It goes pretty well, and with more practice they’ll both get more weight as the form breaks disappear.

Here are three videos from this morning’s workout at Dale’s Gym.

In the first video, Mike is working on finishing the pull with light tall snatches at 95 and 115 lb.

In No. 2, Crystal is working on kipping handstand push-ups, first from the floor and then from 2-inch and 1-inch plates. Almost got them!

In No. 3, Crystal, Dale and Mike are playing around with harder stuff, including high-rep ring dips, handstand push-ups from parallettes and consecutive muscle-ups with a weighted vest.

Here’s a selection of videos filmed during a morning CrossFit 204 workout.

The first is the culmination of a ton of work on freestanding handstand push-ups.

The second shows a few pull-up variations with a weight vest. Kipping pull-ups are great, and butterfly pull-ups are even faster, but we believe that if you can do a load of strict, heavy pull-ups, kipping pull-ups will only get easier.

The third clip is Crystal doing handstand push-up work. HSPUs are a real challenge for taller girls, and Crystal’s worked hard on these for the last year. With a more powerful kip and a tighter core, she’ll be able to kip these out soon as we continue pushing toward the strict version.