Programming Preview – March 30th – April 5th

Another week of online workouts coming in hot! We’ve been loving the full classes and the amazing efforts to adapt our fitness to this new reality. Thrusters with soup cans and laundry detergent, ring dips in the closet, tire squats and more. We’re proud to call you our fitness family. This week we will include the usual strength work and accessory. We’re adding tempos to the strength to account for limited access to heavy loads. With the accessory we want to focus on the core and posterior chain because of the increased sitting for many. Cardio will be fun couplets and triplets, with a couple of long grindy aerobic sessions!

See you in cyber pace!

March 30 – Monday

Part 1 – Strength

EMOM x 5:

Minute one: 12 deadlifts

Minute two: 8 floor presses

Minute three: Rest

Part 2 – Accessory


12 skull crushers

24 leg raises

12 barbell roll-outs

24 russian twists

The Good Vibes Only Challenge!