Trainer Crystal Kirby coaches an athlete to improve the rack position for a push press.
Coaching and smiles—the heart of our program.

You might have seen an announcement about a few changes to the CrossFit Games.

If you didn’t, the announcement is here: Morning Chalkup.

I’ll tell you what it means for us at CrossFit 204: Absolutely nothing.

We made a number of changes years ago that put our focus squarely on health, and we’re right in line with CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman’s vision. That’s why we have a Legends program, it’s why Rise Up Physiotherapy is in our building, and it’s why we invested so heavily in starting 204 Lifestyle to help people improve their health by eating better.

We have for years known that diet and fitness with friends are far more important than any competition.

That doesn’t mean we don’t think you should compete or that we don’t support you when you do. We’re happy that people choose to apply their fitness in competitions, and we’re proud of everything they accomplish. We just don’t place any extra emphasis on competition, and we haven’t for years.

Those of you who have been around for about five years have no doubt noticed the change. The best example is how we treat the Open. Back in the day, it was a stressful time with so many competitors vying for spots in Regionals. Now, we treat the Open as a five-week celebration of our 204 community. The scores don’t matter, but the smiles do. All we care about is fit people having fun and being healthy, and we’ll leave the leaderboard to you if you’re interested. You’re all No. 1 to us.

The time we once spent organizing or training for competitions is now spent making our nutrition program better, meeting with seniors about our Legends program and finding ways to make our CrossFit program even more fun and inclusive.

The CrossFit Games will always be there, and they’ll always be interesting—just like the Olympics. But I’ve been to the Games for 10 years, and if I had to choose between watching the Games and watching our Legends push sleds around the gym at 10 a.m., on a Thursday morning, I’d be on Berry Street with a cup of coffee and a smile.

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As the guy from 204 who probably competes the most, I’m right there with you. I love to compete, yet I do it with zero expectations. Heck, I never even know where I finish as I never check the results anymore. I used to stress, certainly back in the Open, and followed the Leaderboard. Now I just compete to enjoy myself and hang with other people in the community, just like I do when I play softball or soccer. Not going to the Olympics, World Cup, World Series or CF Games.

That said, I do miss when 204 would put together team comps as these were always the most fun. Perhaps we could do mini versions during our holiday WOD’s. Teams of 4 random members who get to know each other better through a holiday WOD. That’s how I got to know a number of members well.

As for the CF Games, I get how the rising costs contributed to this ($1 MM for Brazil regional to send 2 athletes) but i am sad to see them go. I had such a great time in San Diego this year and was definitely going to be back. That said, the Granite Games are only 5 hours away, so a much shorter drive than the west regional was.

    Mike Warkentin

    Thanks for the comment, Keith!

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