A portrait of smiling blond coach Crystal Kirby-Peloquin wearing a grey CrossFit 204 hoodie.
A portrait of smiling blond coach Crystal Kirby-Peloquin wearing a grey CrossFit 204 hoodie.

Expertise is instantly obvious.

A couple of years ago, I asked a career tire guy when I’ll need to replace my tires. He barely looked at the tire as he quickly ran a hand over the rubber.

“You’re good for another 12 months.”

He knew tires cold. Just like that. He’s a master of his craft, and an inspiration to us.

Another example: I watched this video the other day.

My buddy Josh Bunch of Practice CrossFit wrote about rock climber Alex Honnold in the CrossFit Journal, so I knew all about him. But I’d never seen him speak, and the GQ Break Down video enthralled me.

Honnold is goofy, genuine and enthusiastic, but that’s not what grabbed me. I was stunned with how quickly he could identify rock-climbing techniques, equipment and locations in famous movies. He seems to know literally every handhold on every mountain in the world.

Honnold could instantly tell where scenes were filmed and he knew every move and every kind of rock. For an example, check out the analysis of Captain Kirk’s climb in “Star Trek V.”

Honnold can recognize every spot in Jim’s route, and he knows they’re all from different mountains. And some aren’t mountains at all.

“This is just some random studio concrete thing. This isn’t even real rock.”

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True Expertise

When you study something for long enough, you get really, really good at it. And you amaze people. It’s simply incredible to see what a master can do.

Think of any discipline: sports, music, art, construction, design. Experts in each field do things that befuddle the rest of us.

We’ve always aspired to be experts in the fitness industry. Fitness and nutrition can be confusing, and we’ve seen too many people leave or avoid gyms because they don’t know what to do.

It’s totally understandable. Most gyms are intimidating, and fitness is not intuitive.

“I sit here and do what with which weight for how many times?”

Nutrition might be even worse given all the misinformation that’s out there.

“So fat is bad? Unless it’s good? And it doesn’t necessarily make you fat?”

Who knows?

We do.

Trainer Crystal Kirby coaches an athlete to improve the rack position for a push press.
Not sure where to start? We’ll tell you.

We Want to Help You

We’ve designed our gym to showcase our expertise. You can come talk to us for free, and we’ll ask you about your goals. Then we’ll tell you how you can achieve them. No pressure. Just free advice from an expert.

Want to get stronger? We know how.

Want to gain or lose weight? We can show you how.

We might not be able to recognize the Outer Limits route on the Cookie Cliff in Yosemite National Park. But we know how to change bodies and how to fuel them.

We know just like the tire expert knew I had 12 months of tread left, and just like Honnold knows El Capitan when he sees it.

So if you’re confused about fitness and nutrition, come see us. In 15 minutes, we’ll tell you exactly how to accomplish your goals.

Click here to talk to an expert for free!

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