A dumbbell-snatch workout from the awesome wilds of Northwestern Ontario.Struggle to stay on track with fitness over summer?

Need a little accountability, even when you’re enjoying some time off?

Just want an earn-it-can’t-buy-it prize for completing 24 workouts in 6 weeks?

Introducing Fitness First! Work out first, then relax and enjoy the weather!

Details: Sign up and we’ll give you a personalized punch card to track your regular workouts. Give it to your coach to punch 3 or 4 times per week for six weeks (you can train more often, of course).

If you can’t make it to the gym four times, earn your fourth punch by doing an outside-the-gym workout and tagging us in a post on Instagram (@crossfit204). Be sure to tell us what you did–and remember we have Travel Workouts you can do anywhere with no equipment if you’re out of town. We can also help you create a training plan if you’re away.

Cost: $10.50 (GST inc.)

Dates: July 2 to Aug. 12 (6 weeks)

Accountability: Cody and Crystal will be nagging you and high-fiving you regularly.

Prize: Those who hand in a fully punched card (24 workouts) will receive exclusive booty.

Sign up before June 30 by clicking below!

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