Louis Riel Day: All regular classes will be cancelled.

There will be a holiday workout at 11 am.  Please sign up here as you normally would. The workout is set for two hours, but you will not be working out for two hours.

We’re doing the signature workout Brett – wear your oldest, rattiest T-shirt in tribute!

Come on out and make some new friends!

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Danielle LaViolette

Any chance you can post the workout for those who are workout along side you but in the sand lol


    Sure thing!

    We did some testing:

    Max flexed arm hang
    Max vertical/horizontal jump

    Then 21-15-9 reps of:
    KB swings

    The deadlift load should be something you can move fairly quickly. This workout should be pretty fast.

    Enjoy – and we hope you’re well!

      Danielle LaViolette

      Thank you !!! Doing great trying to keep up with our workouts and adding running in as well !


      Awesome – please keep in touch!

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