Programming Preview – February 17th – February 23rd

We’re kicking this week off with a super fun Holiday WOD for Louis Riel Day at 10am. Expect to do some lifting and a super fun partner WOD. The balance of the week will include the usual suspects: lot’s of strength and conditioning with fun gymnastics development and stellar accessory work!

Monday – Holiday WOD!

Tuesday-  Oly/Strength + Gymnastics Strength

Wednesday- Strength + BodyBuilding

Thursday- Oly + Conditioning

Friday- FNF! 

Saturday- Oly/Strength + Gymnastics Strength

Sunday-  Send It Sunday ! 

Holiday WOD!

Part 1

Build to a heavy thruster in 12 minutes with your partner.

Part 2

In teams of 2, complete the following work anyway you choose:

100 AB buy-in, then:

10 rounds for time:

10 power cleans (95/65lbs.)

10 toes-to-bar

10 thrusters (95/65lbs.)

10 box jumps (24/20inch.)

10 sumo deadlift high pulls (95/65lbs.)

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