Winnipeg-We finally got Crystal’s muscle-ups on video!

After a year of hard work on a challenging movement, Crystal can now get multiple muscle-ups in a workout without missing. Awesome work!

And Dale and Will decided to tangle with Fran today, with a rematch scheduled for a few months. In between their reps you can see Brett nail the form on a heavy overhead squat. Great job by all athletes!

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Mike, Thanks for editing to the video to make it look like it was close. Dale is a machine!


    I think he’s ready for 95 lb. right now!


Nice Crystal! I think if you move your hands down into the rings so your wrist is right at 6:00 you might have a bit of an easier time in the transition. Solid work on the first qualifier wod. Keep it up!


    You did pretty well yourself, Brendan! Keep it up!

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