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Here’s some basic info to get you started:

Over seven years of training athletes, we’ve learned that the hour in the gym must be supported by the 23 hours outside the gym. What you put into your body outside the gym determines what you get out of your body.

To help people reach their health and fitness goals, 204 Lifestyle’s credentialed nutritionists offer two packages. The main feature of both is regular interaction with your coach. We do not create one-size-fits all diet plans. Our plans are fluid, living documents and require constant feedback. We will hold you accountable, help you work through your challenges and celebrate your successes. You are paying not just for a diet plan but for constant contact and adjustments to your plan based on your feedback.

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CrossFit 204-Lifestyle_VertTrellis Program

First month: $175 + GST

All subsequent months: $110 + GST (204 members) or $135 + GST (non-members)

Program features:

  • 45-minute intake session including goal setting (performance, weight loss, body composition, muscle gain), InBody analysis and body measurements, philosophy review, “before” photos, discussion of food preferences, supplementation review.
  • Design of online interactive template.
  • Weekly email check-in.
  • Weekly adjustments to plan (if required).
  • Summary report and review, plus “after” pictures.
  • Access to a private members-only Facebook group.
  • InBody scan every four weeks.

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You do not have to be a member of CrossFit 204 to join our lifestyle program. Your current fitness regime can be integrated with our diet program.


Crystal Kirby-Peloquin is a Level 2 Eat to Perform nutritionist, and she is currently working on a Precision Nutrition credential.

Joanna Gies is a Registered Dietitian with 20 years of experience, and she has worked with the Manitoba Home Nutrition Program for 17 years. Her services are covered by many insurance plans.

Glenda Rempel is a level 1 Precision Nutritionist.

InBody Body Composition Scanning

InBody body-composition scans and 15-minute reviews of results are now available!

204 members: $35 each or $55 for two (+GST).

Non-members: $45 for one and $75 for two (+GST).


Every person is unique. Each person has individual requirements when it comes to nutrition—a specific amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat that should be consumed to help you achieve your goals. Our approach is based on science and it works.

CrossFit 204-CKP_Food2Calorie-restricted cookie-cutter diets might help someone achieve short-term goals, but research has shown these results are often temporary and come with long-term negative side effects. Meal plans that constantly limit caloric intake and create energy deficits are not sustainable day in and day out, and they ignore the fact that the amount of calories is less important than the source of those calories.

A coach will meet with you to explain our philosophy, discuss your goals and review your current approach to eating. Our initial intake will have some measurements so we can monitor your progress.

Education is critical to your success. Chances are we’ll have to dispel some deeply ingrained beliefs coming from more traditional approaches to nutrition. Understanding why you are eating what you are eating will be very powerful for you, and having the knowledge to make informed diet decisions will take away any uncertainty and put you in control of your body.

After our first meeting, we’ll start building an online plan for you using a specific formula to assign the appropriate number of macronutrients.

Your plan will consider everything:

-Your food preferences and allergies.

-Your eating times based on your training and work schedule.

-Your current training cycle.

-Your current and future goals.

-Your micronutrition and supplementation.

Ongoing support is the key: We are determined to help you achieve success through communication and accountability. Your coach will be available to check in with you every week. Your coach will always respond to email in a timely matter, evaluating successes and setbacks and giving you constant support.

Through our social-media accounts, we’ll offer delicious recipes that can be tailored to fit your plan, nutrition articles and resources, and tips for shopping and meal planning.

As you prepare to embark on your nutrition journey with us, consider these words from Anthony Robbins: “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

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