Programming Preview – December 9th – December 15th

We are increasing the percentages again this week and leaning into some heavy hitting, super fun conditioning workouts!


Monday – Oly + Stem Stamina

Tuesday-  Gymnastics Strength + Conditioning

Wednesday- Long Conditioning

Thursday- Oly + Odd Object Conditioning

Friday- FNF!

Saturday-  Oly + BodyBuilding

Sunday-  Send It Sunday – Partner Workout!


December 9 – Monday

Part 1 – Oly

A) Power snatch 1-1-1@91%

B) Snatch balance -build to a heavy single + 1-1@85%

Part 2 – Stem Stamina

3 rounds:

Minute one: 6 back squats

Minute two: 4 back squats

Minute three: 2 back squats

Minute four: Rest

As soon as you finish the last back squat double, complete the following:

100 Russian KB swings AHAP

100 Bulgarian split squats (50 per side, unweighted)