Big Gains!

By Mike Warkentin

Sunday was a great day at the gym. True to my programming, I worked on gymnastics, kipping ring dips, kipping handstand push-ups and some L-sits. My hands were torn from 100 pull-ups, so I took it easy with the pull-ups and muscle-ups. I finally figured out the kip for ring dips after some excellent coaching, and I also locked out one kipping handstand push-up. I feel by next weekend I will be doing handstand push-up reps, baby!

Monday was pretty awesome, too. I hit 225 lb. on the high-bar back squat, which is another 5 lb. increase from last week, and I also did 270lb for a set of 4 on the deadlift. The goal was 5 reps, but I felt my back rounding, so I didn’t finish the set. Sometimes it’s just a mental battle, but with my back, I’m not willing to risk it. I finished with 3 x 10 glute-ham raises and stretching and mobility work.

This weekend I had my staff Christmas party, and I was able to treat myself to two glasses of wine and a nice meal. It was a nice reward, and I think it contributed to my success on Sunday and Monday in the gym. Sometimes a little break in the regime of training hard and eating clean is good!