Tuesday, Nov. 30

Tuesday was an awesome day in the gym. I hammered a WOD I saw on the Again Faster website: 5 rounds of 15 sumo deadlift high pulls and 15 thrusters, both at 55 lb. My approach going in was to try and do all of my rounds unbroken and take 15-20 seconds of rest in between rounds. I was mostly successful, as I managed everything unbroken until the final round, where I had to do 10 and 5 for the sumos.

My time waster was the rest portion, because I definitely exceeded the time limit I had set for myself. I finished in 9:42. I can honestly say I crushed 55 lb.,  and I was super pumped with this result!

Afterwards, I worked on muscle-ups and stretched.

Wednesday, Dec. 1

In the spirit of “rest and recovery” week, I decided to just do a 2K row today, followed by mobility work. I was feeling especially bagged after an 18-hour day and a tough workout that left my legs feeling pretty sore. The goal was to break 8 minutes, and I did with 7:56.

I feel like there is more in the tank, but for today, this was great.