Dec. 28, was a 2K row followed by class at CrossFit 204. The row was disappointing, as it took me 8:14. I always go sub 8 minutes! I just had no gas. I also did not warm up properly. For the group WOD, I did push presses instead of jumping jacks, and I used the 24-inch box for the box jumps. I finished in 16:30 (we forgot to record the finish time so this could be give or take a few seconds!).

Wednesday was a rest day, and Thursday I did a heavy deadlift, followed by 5 rounds of 3 back-squats at 185 lb., 10 push-ups and 15 toes-to-bar. The WOD took me 13:08. The squats were challenging but all unbroken, as were the push-ups. The toes-to-bar I had to break into sets of 5 in order to maintain a steady pace. I still want to be better at these, and 75 reps in a WOD was a fun challenge. I only lifted 275 lb. on the deadlift that day, which is my current 3-rep max, so I know I have more. The deadlift always keeps me humble. I joined the evening class again at CrossFit 204 for a fun partner WOD.

Friday I rested and Saturday I got to do a really fun WOD from the SoCal Regional this year. It was as follows: 1K row, 30 OHS (85 lb.), run 1200 meters. My time was 13:32. My game plan was to be sub 4 minutes on the row, 2 sets of 15 reps on the OHS, and sub 6 minutes on the run. My row was 3:50, my run was 5:30, but the OHS did not go as planned, unfortunately. I just couldn’t find the right bar path and lost the weight out front numerous times! I did 10, 8,10,2. Obviously dropping the weight with 2 reps left was heartbreaking. This easily added 30 seconds to my time. But I stayed with the WOD and ran as hard as I could. I was happy with the result, but I know I can be better. My cardio felt great, which is really encouraging, and I know my programming is doing what it is designed to do.

Get me ready for sectionals, baby!

Last one of the year!


3-Minute Partner Stations

1. Sled push + kettlebell swings

2. 15 double-unders (30 singles) + back extensions

3. Plateworm + broad jumps

4. Tire flips + jumps

5. Pull-ups + stairs

And as a farewell to 2010:

8 x 20:10 – burpees


Happy New Year, and thanks to everyone who joined us in 2010!

5 laps

3 squat cleans (barbell or dumbbells)

40 jumping jacks

3 squat cleans

30 kettlebell swings

3 squat cleans

20 box jumps

3 squat cleans

10 burpees

5 laps

10 burpees

3 power cleans (barbell or dumbbells)

20 pull-ups

3 power cleans

30 sit-ups

3 power cleans

40 push-ups

3 power cleans

5 laps

First of all, happy holidays to everyone!

I personally had an excellent Christmas filled with family, friends and great food. It was amazing to just relax, sleep in, and have nothing on the agenda other than a WOD, which could happen whenever I felt like it. Awesome!

On Dec. 23, I did the CrossFit 204 30. I had no choice but to do it first thing in the morning because I had a nine-hour day at the salon ahead of me. I knew I would be too tired to do it later in the evening. My time was 21:28, which I was happy with. The 210 meters of bear crawl were pretty crushing, and I lost a lot of time there. My legs were still pretty sore from the squat cleans the night before. But I know that ideally I need to get some training done when I’m not quite recovered from the previous workout, because let’s face it, that’s CrossFit.

I took Christmas Eve off and trained Christmas Day. I worked on overhead squats, building to a heavy single. I got up to 160 lb. and decided to go for 185 lb., which would be a 5-lb. increase for me. I won’t lie: it was heavy. I couldn’t quite find the right bar path, and my elbows felt weak, so after I rode the weight down, my hips twisted slightly and I lost the weight. I wasn’t terribly disappointed. I know this weight is very achievable for me and I plan to get it done next time. I finished with 40 snatches at 65 lb., which took me about 5 minutes. Mike didn’t want me to crush myself but really focus on technique in the middle of high reps.

Boxing Day was a rest day (if you call shopping on Boxing Day “restful”—ha!). Monday, I did a nice little 10-minute WOD Mike put together for me: AMRAP in 10 minutes of 3 snatches at 75 lb., 5 ring dips and 20 wall-balls. I got exactly 4 rounds. The dips were definitely what slowed me down, but we saw that coming. I crushed the wall-balls—all sets unbroken—and I’m strong enough to muscle the 75-lb. snatch up even when I’m tired.  I also worked on handstand push-ups and did 4 reps! I have to break them up and shake it out between reps, but these are moving along really nicely. I finished with 3 sets of 20 GHDs with 30 seconds between sets.

Up next: a guest appearance at tonight’s CrossFit 204 class.

Here are some highlights from the Christmas Day workout.

In the first one, I’m working up to a heavy snatch after taking about three months off of snatching because I didn’t have a good place to do it (thanks, Dale!). In the freeze frames, you’ll see how some small form errors are causing me to miss weight out front. I’ll be working to fix that in hopes of nailing a 100-kg snatch in 2011.

In this video, Dale is working on overhead squats, and Crystal is working up to a heavy single after a long OHS lay-off. It goes pretty well, and with more practice they’ll both get more weight as the form breaks disappear.

Winnipeg–With Christmas and New Year’s falling on Saturdays, we will be making a few adjustments to the schedule.

There will be no class on Saturday, Dec. 25.

On Saturday, Jan. 1, the gym is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. We will not have an official class, but we will post a workout if you want to do it on your own and start the New Year off right.

Relax over the holidays, and get ready to get stronger and faster in 2011!