It’s been a few days and a few workouts since I’ve posted, so here is a recap from Sunday until Wednesday.

Sunday was the standard gymnastics practice: HSPUs, ring dips and pull-ups. I finished with 5 rounds of 3 L-pull-ups, 5 ring dips and 20 double-unders. The pull-ups were the hardest for me, and now that I have the kipping technique down on the dips, they were a breeze. Total time was 7 minutes.

Monday was a heavy squat, and I worked up to an easy 215-lb. high-bar back squat, but I wasn’t able to move 230 lb. Next, I worked up to a heavy set of deadlifts and I did 275 lb. for 3, which is just 5 lb. off of my previous one-rep max. This is good news! I finished with glute-ham raises and 3 sets of AMRAP kipping toes-to-bar. My sets have increased to 8 reps, which I’m really happy about.

Tuesday was a heavy push press. I did 115 lb. easily, but I wasn’t able to move 130 lb. This seems to be a common occurrence with me in the third week of training. The rest of the workout was all triceps and shoulder-specific movements.

Wednesday was definitely the highlight of the week for me. I finally got an HSPU where I wasn’t falling away from the wall and I finished at the top locked out and in a handstand. Yeah! It has been almost two years of work. I’m going to revel in this before I start thinking about repping them out.

I followed this up with the CrossFit WOD they did at the inaugural USAW-CrossFit Open in Colorado: AMRAP in 10 minutes of 6 squat cleans (30 kg), 12 pull-ups and 24 double-unders. I managed 5 rounds, 6 cleans and 5 pull-ups. The goal was 5 rounds, so I beat that, but of course I’m thinking, “Well, I should have gotten 6!” Mike coached me through this and told me afterward I was moving so well through the WOD that he had to double-check the weight on the cleans to make sure we hadn’t messed it up! Nice! Compared to the women in my weight class, I would have placed third. Slowly I am starting to gain the speed I’ve been working toward! I’m thrilled with the day, and I’m going to use the positive momentum to carry me forward.

Here are three videos from this morning’s workout at Dale’s Gym.

In the first video, Mike is working on finishing the pull with light tall snatches at 95 and 115 lb.

In No. 2, Crystal is working on kipping handstand push-ups, first from the floor and then from 2-inch and 1-inch plates. Almost got them!

In No. 3, Crystal, Dale and Mike are playing around with harder stuff, including high-rep ring dips, handstand push-ups from parallettes and consecutive muscle-ups with a weighted vest.

Friday was a super-fun WOD from the 2008 CrossFit Games. It consisted of 5 rounds of 5 deadlifts at 185 lb., followed by 10 burpees. I finished in 4:32. It definitely helped to be doing this WOD with Mike coaching and another athlete, Jeremy, doing it as well.

I have never witnessed anybody do burpees like Jeremy in my life. He is a soccer player, and apparently they are burpees ninja. I could hear how fast he was ripping them out behind me, so it pushed me to keep going. Everything was unbroken for me, so the only way for me to improve my time was to speed up the turnover on my reps, particularly the burpees.

We grabbed some video for you to watch. Enjoy!

Mike’s note: Jeremy did this workout three minutes after learning the deadlift, so we made sure the form was excellent before cutting him loose on the burpees, which he crushed. For Crystal, the deadlifts are easy, and we’re working on improving her speed in the burpees. Still, 4:32 is a very good time when compared to the athletes in the 2008 Games. And it’s only going to get better for both athletes!