Friday night Fight!

#007 – Stems and Stones


Atlas Stone Challenge

Establish your 1rm stone to shoulder for both sides.


3 rounds:

25 dumbbell deadlifts (50/35lb.)

25 ft. dumbbell walking lunges (50/35lb.)

25 toes-to-bars

25 ft. dumbbell walking lunges (50/35lb.)

Time cap: 17 minutes

For the deadlifts, only one head of the dumbbell needs to touch the floor. For the lunges, the dumbbells will be the same standard used in the Open.


Power points

1) 3×20-30 banded pull-apart straight arm (ensure shoulders are press down or this will become a trap exercise)

2) 3×30 banded face pulls (use light band, again ensure shoulder are pressed down and not shrugged high)

3) 3×12 Seated DB power cleans (sitting on bench or box, elbows high–rotate DBs up and reverse)