Dec. 28, was a 2K row followed by class at CrossFit 204. The row was disappointing, as it took me 8:14. I always go sub 8 minutes! I just had no gas. I also did not warm up properly. For the group WOD, I did push presses instead of jumping jacks, and I used the 24-inch box for the box jumps. I finished in 16:30 (we forgot to record the finish time so this could be give or take a few seconds!).

Wednesday was a rest day, and Thursday I did a heavy deadlift, followed by 5 rounds of 3 back-squats at 185 lb., 10 push-ups and 15 toes-to-bar. The WOD took me 13:08. The squats were challenging but all unbroken, as were the push-ups. The toes-to-bar I had to break into sets of 5 in order to maintain a steady pace. I still want to be better at these, and 75 reps in a WOD was a fun challenge. I only lifted 275 lb. on the deadlift that day, which is my current 3-rep max, so I know I have more. The deadlift always keeps me humble. I joined the evening class again at CrossFit 204 for a fun partner WOD.

Friday I rested and Saturday I got to do a really fun WOD from the SoCal Regional this year. It was as follows: 1K row, 30 OHS (85 lb.), run 1200 meters. My time was 13:32. My game plan was to be sub 4 minutes on the row, 2 sets of 15 reps on the OHS, and sub 6 minutes on the run. My row was 3:50, my run was 5:30, but the OHS did not go as planned, unfortunately. I just couldn’t find the right bar path and lost the weight out front numerous times! I did 10, 8,10,2. Obviously dropping the weight with 2 reps left was heartbreaking. This easily added 30 seconds to my time. But I stayed with the WOD and ran as hard as I could. I was happy with the result, but I know I can be better. My cardio felt great, which is really encouraging, and I know my programming is doing what it is designed to do.

Get me ready for sectionals, baby!

Last one of the year!


3-Minute Partner Stations

1. Sled push + kettlebell swings

2. 15 double-unders (30 singles) + back extensions

3. Plateworm + broad jumps

4. Tire flips + jumps

5. Pull-ups + stairs

And as a farewell to 2010:

8 x 20:10 – burpees


Happy New Year, and thanks to everyone who joined us in 2010!