Winnipeg Pickleball Fitness: The City’s Best Training Program

A hand grips a wooden pickleball paddle and bounces a white whiffle ball upward in front of a black background.

Winnipeg pickleball players: Do you want to improve your game?

Join our Legends fitness program!

Our 50+ fitness program—Legends—is designed to help active Winnipeggers in daily life and in sports. Our clients are people over 50 who want to be able to play with grandchildren, participate in sports, and stay active and full of vitality. They know a tailored fitness program is a safe way to improve health and physical capacity.

Our general fitness program is the perfect complement to time on the pickleball court.

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Pickleball: Stronger, Safer, Faster!

Here’s how our program can help Winnipeg pickleball players:

Sore shoulders? We train the entire body to help prevent sports-related overuse injuries to weak areas.

Tired legs or sore knees? We improve leg strength and movement mechanics to reduce pain and help you move around the court faster.

Winded? We increase stamina so you can play longer without getting tired.

Off balance? We train agility so you can change direction quickly and safely get to the ball.

Not hitting the mark? We improve accuracy and co-ordination so you can make the shots you want to make.

The same program that will make you a better pickleball player will also make your doctor happy. Our program is perfect for increasing bone density and avoiding osteoporosis, and it can help people lose weight and increase cardiovascular health.

A fit older woman performs a barbell lunge as part of a general fitness program that can improve leg strength for pickleball.

Become a Winnipeg Pickleball Legend!

In our one-hour Legends classes, we guide you through a safe, fun workout that will improve overall fitness and help you succeed on the court, whether you’re a competitive pickleball player or just in it for fun and health. 

We accomplish this by progressively challenging you each class in a safe and controlled setting. Fitness can be improved dramatically at  any age, and as you get stronger and faster in the gym, you’ll see great strides in your pickleball game. You’ll move faster, swing more accurately and be able to play longer than you could before. You’ll have fewer injuries, and you’ll have more energy to enjoy life. 

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